Projects Update

Dear Readers, I am so sorry for the exorbitantly large number of painting updates, but things have been hectic and myself care needs have increased, so what do I do? I paint! That’s my activity that I use to relax and calm down.

So recently, one of my players for my monthly campaign asked me to do a commission for her. I gladly accepted. This is a commission. I’m very excited to do. Her ranger is a crystal dragonborn ranger. She doesn’t have a miniature for her. She does not have a miniature for her drake, but when she gets one, I will likely paint that as well. If you can’t tell, she is a drakewarden. The party just hit level seven, so now her drake is medium size and she is able to ride it. Of course it can’t fly with her writing it at this time, but that time is not too far away.

Speaking of that player, the monthly game is going very well. The party is currently in search of a dracolich blue dragon, who lives in the northern deserts. It is rumored that he may have one of the sigils that the party is currently hunting after. When we left off last night, they were facing down a spirit Naga that was hampering their ability to travel through the mountains. It was a pretty creepy scene leading up to it.

How that session started, however, it’s a whole other ball game. Which should be impossible, the party faced off against a Balor that they mistakenly released from a tree too early. Like, much too early. I had it down as a plot point for later in the campaign, but the party wanted to screw around with the tree it was trapped in and mistakenly broke the tree. Unleashing the monstrosity.

Do you want to know what saved them? A wand of wonder. I ruled that I was going to roll the wands effects on a 1d100, and then roll the save, if any, for the Balor.

I rolled a 100. What are the odds? Well, I know the odds are one in 100, but it is extremely rare to roll a 100. Okay, this causes the target to become restrained and begin turning to stone if they don’t make a constitution saving throw. I roll the 1D20. I roll a natural one.

A natural freaking one.

It’s restrained and has crashed to the ground as it was flying back towards the party. The party started unleashing hell upon it. Then it had to roll its second save to keep from being petrified.

I rolled another Nat one.

Now, the odds of doing that is one in 400. So, yes, the party, at level seven, defeated a Balor.


In any case, the painting projects are moving forward, ever on, to completion.

Until next time, Dear Readers…

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