Dear Readers, I know some of you do, while others do not, live in the Huntsville, Alabama area. This is for my Huntsville readers, or those wanting to travel for the event!

RPGCON is scheduled for this weekend and boy am I excited! I’ll be running a table Friday, and two tables (one after the other) on Sunday.

I’ll be running the Friday and first Sunday slots running parts of an adventure series written by one of the owners of the con, the CEO of Direbear Adventuring Company, Mr. Heath Halbrooks. Great guy and outstanding writer.

The second Sunday slot I will be running my infamous Treasure Hunt adventure conversion (from 1st Edition AD&D to 5e). I love running that adventure, and it usually gets really good feedback.

For those unaware, it’s the same adventure as the one I ran to begin the Ingrates.

In any case, my post for the days of the Con will be some thoughts about the Con and pictures of the various goings-on. Should be an awesome time. There will be food, music, and of course, tons of RPGs being run.

Hope to see you all there!

Here is the link to the Con!

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