Daily DM Update: Games I’m Playing

Good morning, Dear Readers! I’m not going to lie, I’m kind of in a slump. My energy levels have been…well, nonexistent to say the least.

So I thought I would tell you a little about each of the games I’m running or playing in!

Here it goes:

Sunday Afternoon: This is my Adventurers League game. My table is filled with primarily young teen ladies and one mom (the girls are part of a group of girls that came in wanting to learn how to play D&D; formerly a Wednesday group). We played through The Wild Beyond the Witchlight, with them finishing it thinking they were all that and a bag of potato chips. Then I let them level up to 15 and run through The Tomb of Horrors. They just made it through with only one person sucked into a tooth/gem of Acererak, and he got released shortly afterwards. They blew the magical conch shell they found, and ended up…somewhere. They actually ended up in the Dungeon of the Mad Mage on level 10. Now they have to find their way to Hallister to get out. They are doing pretty well, and I’m proud of this group of ladies.

Sunday Evening: I insterted Baldur’s Gate: Descent to Avernus into the storyline. I am running them through my “Race For the Nether Scrolls” campaign. It’s a blast and I have a good group of guys. This is my Discord group. Currently they have Amrik Vanthampur held hostage in his own home, and are currently cooing and loving on the tressym Slobberchops. They have adopted him and now he is the companion of the werewolf-changeling paladin named Calla. It’s adorable.

Tuesday: You know them; you love them. It’s the Inglorious Ingrates! They are still going from town to town solving post-war issues and delivering food stores from the king. They are also now dealing with an evil group of adventurers that are somehow involved in their fight with the Four Horsemen!

Monthly In-Person: The TPKs (This Party Kills) are currently dealing with the results of a caravan guard job gone wrong. Using an old Dungeon Magazine adventure as a filler for the party to be on their way to face off against a. Blue Dragon Dracolich! This is a great group of people and I love the story we are telling. As my group members are readers or contributors to this blog, I will not be saying what the basis of the story is, but know it’s awesome. More to come.

Monthly Online: This group consists of one of my best friends, his twin, a player from the Ingrates (Winter’s player), my wife, and two friends of my friends (total of 6, I believe). They are currently running through a conversion (mine own) of Keep on the Borderlands. They are knee deep in the Caves of Chaos, having defeated the kobolds, the goblins, the ogre, and are working on the hobgoblins! Great bunch, and I look forward to their next adventures. We are running this campaign episodically, so the setting will change from adventure to adventure. They seem to be having a great time.

Well, Dear Readers, what do you think? I, for one, sometimes wonder if I’m playing in too many games. I didn’t even mention how, in my Tuesday group, I get to play once a month in our Kids on Bicycles game. I don’t know.

Let me know what you think in the comments section below!

Until next time, Dear Readers…

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