Painting Update: Elven Wizard and a Call For Assistance

Yes, this post technically posted yesterday, but by mistake. Here it is in all its glory…

Dear Readers it occurred to me that I have been referred to an elf in armor with a sword as a wizard. This is because she is my Elven Bladesinger. I may or may not have said this. But for those late to the party, this is why.

In any case, here she was when I began:

I started by going back over some areas, touching things up when I realized how dumb that was. I’ll just be doing it again later.

Lesson learned.

Then I started on her skirt and her greaves. I decided to go with her breastplate color and I think it turned out well. See for yourself:

I used Ultramarine Blue for her skirt, and I love the contrast. I’ll end up using Chronus Blue as the highlight for that part, both of which are Citadel paints.

Her front skirt, which appears to be a different piece of material, I am thinking is a part of the metallic green cloth on her front. I have yet to paint her bracers and the rest of her pauldrons. They will likely match her armor, which I am going for a blueish mithril. I’ll likely be dry brushing it with shining silver to dull the green and make it more silvery. I want the hue, but it would overpower the shining silver if I reversed it. Of course I could have mixed my own color, but I can’t see me using it often enough to make the paint amount I’d need to mix worth it.

On to the second part of my post: A Call For Assistance.

Dear Readers, I am stuck in a quicksand of Writer’s Block!!

I have another campaign that I need to write for and I’m coming up with a whole lotta nothing. And I mean zip. Zero. Zilch. The Big De Nada.

So I have a favor to ask: toss me some campaign ideas. Anything.

So give me some ideas in the comment section below!

Until next time, Dear Readers…

PS – Welcome to all of you more recent subscribers! Glad to see you here and I hope you enjoy The Blog!

PPS – I’m starting to do audio recordings of previous blog posts as a podcast. I’ll be putting them up on a separate page, labeled “Podcast Posts.” I’m doing my best to redo the earlier ones and work my way forward, scheduling them one a day until I’m caught up. Yeah, I know, over a year’s worth of podcast posts, but not all of them will be podcasted. Ones like days I posted memes, or mini painting updates won’t be podcasted.

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