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Still writing these, but I’ve gotten way behind, so I’m going to be doing a lot of summarizing to try and catch up.

When we last left our Ingrates, Winter was captured by her old crew, and the party was on their way to save her.

After much planning, part of which was Dacyria’s familiar being changed to a rat, the party took a rest to be able to rescue Winter.

Winter, having stealthily putting Dacyria’s rat familiar into her clothing, was given instructions to kill the familiar if it was an emergency.

Winter observed many things, to include a shady robed figure working with his old lieutenant and crew, who had been dressing up as tabaxi to frame the nomads that had been roaming the country having come from their own homeland to begin trade.

Unbeknownst to the party, Winter overhead the band of brigands planning on attacking the town again. To bring the Ingrates and prevent this, Winter killed the rat, bringing the party at a dead run, thinking that Winter was in danger.

The battle was intense, with fireballs thrown with abandon, killing bandits left and right.

When the smoke cleared, there was only two of them that was able to escape, the strange robed figure, likely the invisible mage they caught spying on them back in town, and Winter’s old lieutenant. When examined, the bandits’ bodies showed that they had the symbol of pestilence tattooed on their chests. The Horsemen were at it again, again using proxies to help do their work.

Who was this robed figure and why was he spying on them? Time will tell.

Until next time, Dear Readers….

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