Quick Painting Update: Fortress-class Dropship

Here we are with another painting update!

Now that I am done with the priming, it’s now time to throw on some paint! As you’ll soon see, I have come across a problem…

You can see brush strokes. I mean, this is generally solved in one of two ways: 1) multiple coats, or 2) spray primer.

As of the writing of this post, I haven’t yet purchased the spray on primer in this color because they (my game store) are out and I am waiting for them to get their order in.

So it goes.

Thus, I will try to finish one coat manually.

Here it goes.

As of now, the plan is thus:

Use Gun Metal (by Army Painter) for the main body, Plate Mail (also by Army Painter) on the weapons, struts, landing gear, and doors, and Nuln Oil (by Citadel) for the shading.

Then I plan on doing a dark red of some kind (maybe Mephiston Red by Citadel mixed with a black?) on the doors, with stenciled numbers in Matt White (Army Painter). I’m going for a Wolf’s Dragoons color scheme. After all that, I have Dragoons decals for the Dropship.

It’s very slow going.

It didn’t help that I now have to stop as one of the landing gear covers broke off and I have to fix it by gluing it back on. What’s worse is that I am having a difficult time getting the old super glue out, so it’s being glued on top of old super glue.

As opposed to:

It’s frustrating as that specific one has caused me problems from the get go.

Well, that’s all I have for today. Hopefully I’ll be able to get the spray primer this week and then I will have a much better update for you all!

Thanks again for reading!

Until next time, Dear Readers…

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