A Short DM Story

So the Ingrates were back in Borest.

They discover that a creature called a Nilbog was the actual goblin leader that they hadn’t met back in the days where they originally came to Borest. After finding their lair (a forgotten dwarven fortress; dwarves are mythical in this world, at least in these parts), they found themselves facing overwhelming odds and running for their lives by way of the secret entrance, some 90′ from the main entrance that the goblins didn’t know about.

Before they leave, Dacyria and I have the following conversation (not verbatim):

Dacyria: I walk over to within 60′ of the goblins to where I can see them with my Darkvision.

Daily DM: Uh…you know they will be able to see you, too, right?

Dacyria: Yeah, it’s cool.

DDM: Okay…you go over there, and a few notice you and begin yelling and pointing.

Dacyria: That’s fine, I plant a fireball riiiiiiiight…there. (she’s pointing to the midst of them coming out of the main entrance. Most, if not all of them are within range, to include the two worgs)

DDM: sigh Roll it. They definitely know where you are now.

[Dice rolling]

Dacyria: That’s 40 points of damage. And I don’t care. I use my move to begin running the opposite direction.

DDM: sigh Okay, you are running. So, the goblins are vaporized, let me roll for the bugbears and hobgoblins…[more dice rolling]…Okay, the bugbears are gone. The hobgoblins are alive, as are the worgs…

Dacyria: How far away from them am I?

DDM: About 80 feet…they are running towards you.

Dacyria: I misty step towards Borest and keep running.So long suckers!

DDM: sigh

Que party laughing.

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