Dear Readers, as I have said and complained about and have been waiting almost a year for, my Battletech: Clan Invasion Kickstarter has arrived (well, part arrived yesterday, the rest today; it came in two parts)!

Today I will be doing the unboxing and show you all what I have gotten.

I ordered the Merchant Caste level, giving me the following:

6x BattleTech: Clan Invasion box set (Kickstarter version)
1x Legendary MechWarriors Pack
6x Reinforcements: Record Sheet Book #1
14x Salvage Box: Clan Invasion
6x Salvage Box: Legendary
6x Clan Daggerstar Keychain
6x Posters (Set of 3)
1x Challenge Coin #1: Clan Wolf
2x Challenge Coin #2: Clan Ghost Bear
1x Challenge Coin #27: Kell Hounds
2x Challenge Coin #28: Wolf’s Dragoons
1x Insignia Dice #1: Clan Wolf
2x Insignia Dice #2: Clan Ghost Bear
2x Insignia Dice #28: Wolf’s Dragoons
3x MechWarrior Pilots: Card Pack #1
3x MechWarrior Pilots: Card Pack #2
1x IWM Fortress-class DropShip
1x BattleTech: ComStar Command Level II
1x BattleTech Salvage Box: Shilone
1x BattleTech: ComStar Battle Level II
1x BattleTech BattleMat: Strana Mechty
1x BattleTech: Inner Sphere Direct Fire Lance

Want to know the funny part? For some of them, I got impatient and bought some of it from the Catalyst Game Labs Store. This also led to me being an idiot and ordering two of the same neoprene mat (remember the guy that got me two of the Wolf’s Dragoons boxes? He’s getting my extra Strana Mechty mat; it’s the least I can do)!

With no further ado, here’s the unboxing (I’m going to do a picture of the whole thing first and then go over each individual [or grouping of the same items] item):

Here’s the opening of the first of two boxes:

So excited…

I forgot to take a picture of the second box, and instead began unpacking and organizing everything. Here’s what I can up with:

So much stuff… It’s awesome.

Of note, I have a few things I was particularly excited about. First, are the Legendary Salvage Boxes.

Opening them (not pictured) I got a singular Carson Death Carlyle, and a Morgan Kell, with their Marauder and Archer respectively. Then I got 4 copies of Morgan’s Archer. I’ll be taking to the Battletech subreddit to see if I can make a trade as I already have a Carson, and 4 extra copies of Morgan.

It was at this point I stopped and looked at my list again. Then I looked at what I had. Then I looked at my original order. Something was off. I was missing a set of dice and I was missing six Urbanmech salvage boxes!

I sent an email to Quartermaster Logistics letting them know about the missing parts. I was actually very surprised to find out that I totally missed it in their initial email that stated what I was going to be receiving. Needless to say, I was a little put off. I was really looking forward to those “Urbies” as I had plans to trade one of them for another mech. I will have to tell him that there will be a delay.

Next up is my Fortress-class dropship.

I opened it up and what should I find? An absolutely terrible mold. And I mean terrible. The top and bottom don’t even fit together and there is upwards of a quarter inch gap in some places. I was even more put off at this point.

Next up are the faction dice, challenge coins, and keychains.

I read a lot of bad things about the dice, with some apparent quality assurance problems. Not sure what everybody else’s experience was, but my faction dice, other than the missing set, turned out just fine. Of course, I have yet to roll them, but they look and seem to be fine.

The challenge coins are absolutely amazing. I got Ghost Bear, Kell Hounds, and Wolf’s Dragoons.

The Daggerstar keychains are cool, although I only needed one. I’ll likely give away some to friends who like Battletech.

What do you think, Dear Readers? Do any of you play battletech? If so, what is your favorite faction? Let me know in the comments section below.

Until next time…

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