A Player’s Perspective: Kids on Bicycles – Episode 4

Dear Readers, I know this one is a long time coming, but since we are resuming KoB this coming week, I figured you would like a catch-up to the goings-on of The Gang.

We Begin where we left off, at Kelly Ann’s house to “work on a project for school.” We began plotting on how we would get to the Princess Theater and find the door, without getting caught after dark during the curfew.

While we were planning, we got a phone call from Neil saying that his parents are freaking out and suddenly packing everything to leave town. He promised to call when he has more information.

While doing our planning, we finally came up with a group name: the “Arkham Arcanes.”

After Kelly Ann’s parents had gone to bed, we set out, with plans to skirt the wooded area (not the woods!) behind her farm and circle around the school.

As we biked a long, we ran into Tim Fletcher, the leader of a small group of teen miscreants, smoking behind the bleachers also in violation of the town’s curfew.

Anton, feeling the sense of foreboding he had felt before watched as Tim’s eyes went black. He called out to his friends to continue on quickly. A chase ensued through a construction zone.

At one point, the boys’ arms turn into tentacles.

During the chase, Goblin wiped out and Jessica return to help.

Just as we were approaching the street to cross to the Princess Theater, a sheriff deputies car pulled onto the street.

The miscreants cease their chase, and the Arkham Arcanes barely make it by.

The gang enters the theater by climbing to a second story open window. Inside, the game was forced to walk by the front doors, which are glass, in order to get to the rest of the theater. Anton has another foreboding feeling, and sees that two teachers from school, Mr Edwards the drama teacher, and Miss Iris the biology teacher, both with black eyes. They kept repeating things like “we won’t hurt you” and “we want to return you to your parents.” Needless to say, we did not believe them.

Mr Edwards unlocked the front door with his key. As Anton and Goblin and Zane go looking for the door, kellyanne and Jessica squared off against Mr Edwards. A strange battle ensued where we were harassed by a large group of crows that surrounded the fighters.

Eventually, Goblin and Zane found at the door and began working on the puzzle to open it, while Anton raced to them. After knocking some of the teeth out of Mr edwards, Jessica and Kelly-Ann ran after the rest of the gang. After being knocked out, both Mr Edwards’ and Miss Iris’ eyes went back to normal. While Mr Edwards was knocked out, miss Iris ended up sitting down with some sort of major migraine trying to figure out where she was and what was going on.

Having solved the riddle on the door, Goblin was able to speak the password aloud, opening it. Everyone entered only to find themselves in a strange cave with a winding path that went to a pedestal of sorts with a basin of water. Looking at one another and surrounding the pedestal, Anton decided to go first and drink. The others followed suit. We felt power rushing through our veins. We had found the Titans Blood. Filling our extra vials, we made preparations to depart.

What will happen next? Who knows? What we have to face off against the forces of darkness again soon? Very likely. But this time, not without our own ability to stand up against the darkness on our own terms.

Join us next time!

Daily Dungeon Master Note: I am finally getting my Battletech Kickstarter pledge stuff! I should have it this weekend. At least half of it (apparently it shipped in two parts; one is for sure getting here tomorrow?). Once I have the entire thing, I will be doing an unboxing! Look forward to that in the near future!

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