Short Post

So a couple of announcements today, Sear Readers!

1) Thanksgiving Week

I will be taking off from Sunday, 21 November, until the following Sunday for Thanksgiving. I’ll be super busy with family coming into town that posting will be difficult, if not impossible. I’ll be returning to post that following Monday, the 29th.

2) Inglorious Ingrates

As I’ve posted before, I’ve hit a brick wall and I’m suffering from very severe writer’s block. My group and I, meaning the Inglorious Ingrates, have agreed that I’m suffering from a little bit of burnout. There are six episodes left that have yet to be released for our Premium Subscribers to preview.

The Thursday premium content will still be released, but different. I’ll be working on my “How-To Paint Minis” videos. We may even record the Kids on Bicycles game, I don’t know. Just know that I won’t leave you hanging. Hopefully by then I will be back up and running the Ingrates.

Speaking of, the Ingrates will be releasing now all but the last week of the month, where we will be playing / continuing the Kids on Bicycles game. What this means is that one week a month, I get a break where I can play. This also gives me some extra time to campaign plan. I’m sure you fellow Dungeon Masters out there understand.

That’s all I have today, Dear Readers. I’m going to go back to writing so I can finish up for tonight, for the Inglorious Ingrates’ last adventure for a time while I rest and recuperate, and hopefully get over my writer’s block.

Until next time, Dear Readers…

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