Let’s Talk Battletech: Miniatures

Dear Readers, you may remember these guys from last week when I repaired or put together for the first time, these guys:

Well, I’ve decided to try my hand at painting these metal ones before I try working on all of my plastic ones.

I’m going to, as usual, start with priming. The Timberwolf is already mostly primed, but due to rough handling on my part, needs redone.

For reference, I am using Army Painter Grey Primer.

As you can probably notice, there are some splotchy looking gray spots, some are light gray, some are dark gray. The difference is that the last time I primed this, I primed it with a spray paint primer. Today I’m using the Army painter primer to cover up the previous spots. It shouldn’t really matter in the end.

I was next going to work on the Atlas, but there is only one problem: when putting them together, I totally forgot to wash him.

Unfortunately, this same problem comes with the Black Knight as well.

So a washing I will do!

Notice the shine has disappeared?

This is what happens when you don’t take your own advice! Now I have to wait for those to air dry for a day before I can actually touch them for painting.

Oh well.

I’d love to paint the Timberwolf more, but I realized, while making this post that I don’t have a dark enough blue to do the paint configuration that I want for the Ghostbear Dominion/Rasalhague Galaxy paint scheme.


As the entirety of the base color is this very dark blue, I’m stuck. Especially since the highlights are what are silver and gold.

Today has been a lesson in poor planning.

Lesson learned.

Speaking of Battletech Miniatures, I’m supposed to be getting all of my Kickstarter stuff any time now. And it will be considerable. I’m hoping to get it by December at this point. Here is hoping.

Well, Dear Readers I’m sorry I didn’t have a longer post for you today. Poor planning on my part and all that. I’ll have a better update for you at a future time this next week once I have the paint that I need.

Until next time, Dear Readers…

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