Let’s Talk Battletech: Miniatures

Well, Dear Readers, I finally got some more Battletech stuff. Unfortunately, I still haven’t gotten my “big” order from the Kickstarter.

Sad mech noises

But, that didn’t stop me from buying some of the pewter Iron Wind Metals battlemechs!

So I am going to share a couple of things with you all today, the repair of my two other Mechs (battle damage, I’m sure), the Atlas and the Mad Cat/Timberwolf, and the easy assembly of the BL-6-KNT Black Knight, a wonderful Inner Sphere mech.

First, the repairs…

I will start with the atlas. One of his arms fell off as well as one of his legs. Additionally the hex base I had for him originally did not work out. It was too small for the Mad Cat so I had to use one of the printed bases. That’s fine.

It was all well and good until a leg came off. I should have pinned it, but oh well.
Gather the pieces…
At least now he’s standing on his own.
Finally assembled!
He looks so handsome on his new base!

Next we have the repair of the Mad Cat. This one made me a little mad. One of his lasers, as you look at him, the right side, was being difficult when I tried to glue it back on. It doesn’t help that the part is super tiny and I have big fat sausages for fingers. I ended up pulling out a set of tweezers to be able to hold it in place while it held. You will see what I mean.

That white spot on the main body is where the laser goes.
Stupid Medium Pulse Laser…
All pretty on its base.

Next is the assembly of the Black Knight. I pulled up a YouTube video detailing how to put it together, but the moment I saw them putting the arms on before the arm mounted cannon I turned it off. Here is my step-by-step:

I am kicking myself because I forgot to wash him. Oh well. I’ll wait for the glue to dry and give him a good scrub down.
Got to clip those…
I sanded around the parts of the arm, the shoulders specifically, to make them a little more smooth after having clipped them off of the mold.
See? You put the cannon on first as it’s a smaller part. Then you go ahead and mount the arm.
Like so.
The miniature is all done now. Next is gluing him to the base.
And he is done! All that is needed is to be primed and painted.

There you have it, Dear Readers.

I hope you enjoyed and stay tuned for when I paint the Black Knight!

Until next time, Dear Readers…

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