At Last…

At long last, my house is in order.


But I was able to get my new painting station set up (for the most part; you see a trend?), and got a little bit of painting done.

Unfortunately, this afternoon, I ended up having to drive to my local VA hospital for an appointment that I nearly forgot about (it’s an hour and a half away), where I spent the time getting my eyes checked out, to include getting my pupils dilated.

Then I had to wait.

Why, you may ask?

Because I’m an idiot, that’s why.

I drove myself an hour and a half away, got my eyes dilated and then couldn’t drive home right away. Because my eyes were dilated. So I had to wait and wait, at a Burger King no less, because I was able to drive that far at least, and get my Impossible Whopper and onion rings on.

Until I could drive again.


So here I am, at home, and finally able to at least give you a small painting update on the death tyrant I’ve been painting, as well as a short story on a future project.

He still had a bit to go and as you can see, his base coat is using quite a bit of paint. No surprises there, as he’s not a small miniature.

He’s coming along, but there are still small areas I’m seeing that I am missing. Some intentional, and some not so much.

Like this one:

Below, it is with most of the base coat done. I want him to dry out before I tackle the second coat. I want to also have better light so I can better see anywhere I may have missed.

I can already see some spots I missed by his jaw. I’ll tackle it Wednesday most likely.

So that’s the work I’ve gotten done on him.

On to the next part.

The other day, I was heading out to my game store to pick up the Battletech stuff that I’d ordered. Cool, right?

Well, my 4-year old heard the magic words (the fact that I was leaving the house) and insisted that he wanted to come with. My wife put on the biggest smile and said “Yeah, of course you can go! You can even get a mini!”


“Uhh…” I began.

“We’ll get a dragon mini, mommy!” my toddler exclaimed.

“Uhhh….” I continued. “That’s a $15 mini!”

“Who cares. Take your son with you. Get the mini.”


And thus how I came back home with this:

Truth be told, I have zero plans to paint him any time soon. I am going to need so much paint for him, possibly even spray paint. He’s not small.

But that’s still a project I can do for another day.

In fact, I still owe the Nalfeshnee demon painted to someone who asked to see that one done.

One project at a time, folks.

Well, that’s what I have for you today. Hopefully I’ll be able to get back to a more consistent posting schedule.

I’ve also, for my Premium Subscribers out there, been told that the latest and greatest preview of the Ingrates will be done this week! So stay tuned for that. If you aren’t a Premium Subscriber, consider becoming one to get access to our game podcast before we release them!

Until next time, Dear Readers…

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