Still Waiting

Dear Readers, my house is still in shambles, in the process of being repaired.

Thus I am still in a hotel.

Thus I am still unable to paint.

Thus the lack of posts.

I haven’t been running but one table, that hasn’t met yet but in parts for the new Adventures League adventure.

Y’all still get Tuesdays’ “A Player’s Perspective.”

But I am left still in a hotel.

And it sucks.

Of course, there was this past week, where I ran “The Haunt” for a group of old friends.

I’ve recounted that adventure numerous times, so to do so again would be superfluous.

But it was fun, and there will be a “DM Story” associated with it. It was great.

Until I get to go home, though, posts will be sporadic, unfortunately.

In other news, I plan on starting to have my “How-To DM” posts turned into podcasts by Anonymous Bosch, if I can get him available.

We’ve all been more than a little bit busy.

In any case, you all have been amazingly patient and kind, and I’ll be back on the posting schedule soon.

Until next time, Dear Readers…

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I'm just a DM telling the stories of my tables.

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