Short Post: Today’s the Day!

Dear Readers, it’s finally come: the end of Chapter 1 (of 5) of the Ingrates Campaign! Of course, the Player’s Perspective comes tomorrow, and for you Premium Subscribers, the podcast preview is only up to Episode 14 as of now (we finished recording Episode 17 last week!), with Episode 15 being released to our Premium Subscribers this week (hopefully; our editor has been sick with Covid).

That said, tonight, Episode 18 is set to be the most action-packed episode to date! They finally get to take on the Chapter’s end boss, but there are surprises yet in store for them!

In other news, due to delays in filming, the Your Dork Materials project has run into delays. We have to do more filming so that we can have enough content to run the channel effectively. I know, I’m disappointed too. But you can still catch previews of our content by becoming a Premium Subscriber for only $5 per month!

Speaking of which, we sent out our prize giveaway. It took me awhile, as I had to order more stickers, but our winner will be getting a Daily DM Blog logo sticker!

Speaking of giveaways, we are just 50 subscribers away from doing our FREE T-SHIRT GIVEAWAY!

SO! If you HAVEN’T hit that subscribe button to The Blog, go ahead and do it to be in the running for a free Daily Dungeon Master Blog T-Shirt.

If you don’t want to wait, you can go here to purchase your Daily Dungeon Master Blog merchandise! All proceeds go back into The Blog to bring you better content, so thanks in advance for your support!

Lastly, I want to say how awesome Etsy is.

With the exception of the Chapter 1 BBEG for the Ingrates, I got in two of the three miniatures! I am so very excited about this. This includes the final BBEG. HE IS SO AWESOME!

If my players weren’t subscribers and readers of this blog, I’d show you.

Alas, it will have to wait until after the battle with the BBEG.

Suffice it to say that he is huge and intimidating looking, and is a more unique BBEG.

Speaking of the Ingrates, the merchandise for them can be found here. We have all sorts of stuff for them.

Hmm…what else…

Oh, I will be out of town from the 18th to the 22nd. I am running a game for some old friends (from where I used to live), and I’ll be doing a game summary post, but it won’t go up until that following Sunday the 24th.

Lastly, I found an update on the Battletech: Clan Invasion Kickstarter. Apparently, I’m in the 20% whose order has been delayed. This means that my stuff won’t arrive until sometime in the next two weeks.

That sucks.

But they are committed to getting each and every one of the remainder of us taken care of as quickly as possible, so I am hopeful. I mean, I paid a good amount of money to get my Battletech stuff. I really hope I get it soon, ya know?

Well, that’s all I have for now, but join us tomorrow for a new edition of “A Player’s Perspective” where we tell the tale of what happened last episode of the Inglorious Ingrates! And if you want to hear the shenanigans “first hand,” before we release them publicly, consider becoming a Premium Subscriber for just $5 a month.

Until next time, Dear Readers…

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