Miniature Painting Spotlight: Pre-primed Hobgoblins…Sort Of

Readers, today we’re going to look at painting a couple of hobgoblins I’m going to be needing tomorrow for the Inglorious Ingrates.

I’m going to provide a step-by-step process on how I’m going to go about painting these miniatures. As we are going to be dealing with miniatures that are already prime, we are going to be skipping the part where we clean and Prime them, for obvious reasons.

I’m going to start with the one that I will likely need the most, the hobgoblin fighter. I am starting with this one because he is likely going to be the easier of the two to paint and, as I said, the one I will need the most in case I can’t get them finished. As I get paint on one, I’m going to skip over and work on the other.

That said, I am going to take pictures throughout and post them in such a way as to have one continuous set of pictures for each miniature.

With no further Ado let’s get started!

As you can see, I had some grand plans.

Then I started painting last night while talking to somebody. And I forgot all about my grand plans. I have all of two pictures to share with you.

So instead I’m going to step by step paint a different mini, which will end up being sort of a spoiler for the Ingrates, but I need to paint them, regardless, and they will be rightfully worried…

Meet the “Bride of WAR”:

I’m making her armor Matt Black but I plan on going over it with Gunmetal after I get everything else painted. It’s going to be a very light dry brush.

Now on to her skin.

Hair. She’s dyed it for the battle, thus the fire-engine red.

I previously said Gunmetal, but I’ve changed my mind. I’m using Citadel’s Leadbelcher. I also hit the hammerhead with Balthasar Gold.

Shading and touchups.

Lastly, belt and shading.

Since she is suffused with dark energy, I decided to use Nuln Oil, as my shader. The hammer itself is a corrupted holy weapon, so this works out perfectly.

I have the base drying right now else I’d show you. I’m using the Citadel Martian Ironearth for it to get that dried cracked earth look.

What do you think? Let me know in the comments section below.

Until next time, Dear Readers…

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