Announcement: Your Dork Materials

Dear Readers, as you may be able to tell, Anonymous Bosch and I have not been able to get the YouTube channel up and going as quickly as we had anticipated. Due to a number of scheduling conflicts and the ability to record, there have been a number of delays.

That said, here is what we have:

1) A series on Rune Quest; how to play, how to make characters, etc…

2) How to play Battletech, tactics, record sheets, etc…

3) How to paint miniatures for beginners

4) D&D and Rune Quest monster spotlight

5) Our Inglorious Ingrates

6) Our TPKs (the monthly group)

7) Some one-shots of various kinds

8) Turning our “How-To DM” posts into videos

9) Actually Turn Posts into Podcasts (my friend Kerry has bugged me about this one!)

The only issues that we have for this are getting the time and ability to record these videos.

Don’t worry though, we are going to be recording them soon. We’re just working on scripts, outlines, and everything else before we can record and it’s been a slow process.

Also of note, our newest contributor will be on vacation the next two weeks so you can expect more posts from me!

Speaking of posts, if there are any articles that you want me to write about, please let me know in the comments section below or get a hold of me via the Contact Us page.

Thanks again for reading!

Until next time, Dear Readers…

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I'm just a DM telling the stories of my tables.

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