Dungeons and Dragons and the Magic the Gathering Crossover

Dear Readers, remember what I said that I would not likely make a deck from my D&D and Magic Gathering crossover cards?

Apparently, I fibbed.

As I write this, I am in a different state, visiting one of my best friends, we will call C. C and I have been friends since 2015 when we were in undergrad together. He and I bonded over the fact that we both played Magic the Gathering. His mill deck and his sliver deck our legendary. Later, I got him into playing D&D and d20 Future/Modern.

In any case, we haven’t actually seen each other since 2016, when we both graduated and ended up having to go our separate ways. He heading off to do his master’s degree and I going into the workplace. We kept in touch the other phone and video chat, talking about whatever, as well as getting together on Discord and Roll20 to play a D&D game on a monthly basis. It’s a lot of fun.

Back on topic.

Remember when I said that I bought a singular set box? I also bought a fat pack, the limited edition fat pack, another set box, and two draft booster boxes. I couldn’t help it, I opened the set box packs. But I kept them separate from the other one. You see, I had a plan.

I would have one fat pack and set box separated from the other fat pack and set box, buy the two draft booster boxes, but don’t open those. We would each open our own draft Booster box and each take one fat pack and set box, and build whatever deck(s) we could out of those cards. It is going to be glorious.

From what I have, I have a bunch of awesome cards in both sets: I have a Tiamat, Zariel, Hand and Eye of Vecna, Xanathar, multiple copies of Drizz’t Do Urden (with the Gwenevar token), Asmodeus, Icingdeath, both sword token and dragon, Orcus and the Wand of Orcus, and the Tarrasque. And that just names a few.

Sorry it came out sideways, I couldn’t get it to take a picture the other direction.

The only things that I’m going to have to read up on are how to use the class cards and how to use the dungeon cards. Those are still two cards that I am unfamiliar with how to deploy and employ. I will do a write-up of that in a little bit after C and I get to play.

Later in the Weekend

So my friend, C, and I built a couple of really good decks each. I built a black and blue deck centered around xanathar and then built another deck centered around Tiamat. He too made a Tiamat deck that played very well.

Class cards are awesome enchantments that sit in play until you pay the manager cost to level the card. Each level gives you new and different abilities or effects, like the wizard class card which gives you an unlimited hand size right off the get-go, level 2 giving you the ability to draw two cards, etc…

The dungeon mechanic is also an interesting mechanic that is really cool. It works similar to the class cards but you have to have an ability that triggers entering or progressing through a dungeon. There’s even cards, like Acererak, that require completion of a specific dungeon in order to even play the card!

Overall, I would say these cards are made for D&D players that also play or want to play Magic. It’s an enjoyable set!

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