My Last Session I Got to Play

Having taken the quest from Falcon, we rested up and headed out to his hunting lodge, with him in tow.

On the way, we stopped at the potion Maker’s house to ensure that the manticore’s were not yet harassing her. They had not been, and we promised to return to assist.

When we got to the hunting lodge the place was looted and burned out.

Falcon though, wanted revenge and to get rid of the menace of the last of the orcs from the area.

Willing and able to accommodate him, we headed to the manse.

We were going to sneak up quietly until we realized that we had a cleric in armor following us around making a ton of noise.

We cautiously entered the manse, a large house situated in the middle of nowhere in the woods. We posted a guard in the form of our parties other wizard’s familiar, on the stairs to watch for enemies coming from above while we examine the lower floor for enemies.

It wasn’t long before we heard a shout to “Protect the tree!” coming from further in in orcish. I, being the one party member who speaks orc, yelled for parlay, which was partially successful. A single orc leader came out and spoke with us, but demanded that we leave. After refusing, it was obvious that he was choosing the path of violence.

We accepted.

The battle was intense and epic. The work leader cast a lightning bolt at us, dealing a good amount of damage, followed by a number of twig lights flooding out to engage. It wasn’t long before the well in the center of the courtyard we are in erupted with vine blights, and the adjacent room erupted with orcs!

With a few carefully placed spells and the hard work of our young cleric and our immense goliath barbarian, we were able to clutch the win and save the day.

After searching around the area for things of note, we look down the well where we found a tree growing, a Gulthius Tree; an evil thing that is said to be the result of a vampire dying.

We burned the tree to senders, and then went into the well with a pickaxe to upend the roots, burning them as well. And thus ended the threat of the orcs in the manse.

We did end up exploring the rest of the house, finding a few magical trinkets, like a staff that makes bird calls and a cloak that billows on its own. We even found and faced a couple of stirges. Having cleared the manse of enemies, we returned to Falcon to tell him the good news, at which point we received the boots of elvenkind he promised as a reward.

After doing some thinking, we realized that the orcs, who hailed from the mountains, had been displaced by something. Remembering that we were there to fight off a dragon, we put two and two together and realize that this white dragon from whom we were defending the town against, was likely roasting near Icespire Peak.

We resolved to rest and take the fight to the dragon the following morning.

What do you think, Dear Readers? Do you think our band of intrepid heroes have the ability to save the town of Phandalin from this nasty white dragon? Only time will tell, as unfortunately, I will not be in attendance next week. I will be out of town again, a birthday trip for my wife. Posting likely won’t be affected.

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