Another Session I Get to Play!

We begun our journey after a long rest, heading into the forest with the centaur.

It wasn’t long before we came across a large open Glade, which looked ominous and foreboding with how dead all of the vegetation was. Thinking better of it, we attempted to discard it when our rogue thief notified us that we were being trailed by a number of orcs!

Combat ensued, and although hard fought, our group of intrepid adventurers came out on top. Of note on the bodies we found a singular greater potion of healing.

We looked onward towards the mountain and the Gathering storm above. After discussing these orcs with the centaur I realize that these orcs were followers of Talos, the storm god.

We soon came to the mountain which had several entrances in the sides. We decided to ignore them for the moment and see what sort of literal storm was brewing above.

Getting to the top, we found a henge of standing stones arrayed in a circle, within which were a large number of orcs. We determined that they were trying to summon something, although we had no idea what.

Deciding to get the drop on them, I tore a bead from the necklace of fireballs and threw it directly into the center of the ritual! Knowing that there were only four of us present (we had a small showing of players due to Labor Day!), I decided that we needed every advantage we could get.

When the dust settled after that explosion, there was but one orc remaining, a truly and terrifyingly tough and brutish creature as ever there had been seen to survive such an onslaught!

Our barbarians slew him but in his place appeared Gorthok the Thunder Boar, the creature they were summoning! By slaying that work, we provided, unwittingly, the sacrifice necessary to bring this beast into the Prime Material Plane!

With minimal health remaining, I decided that discretion was the better part of valor and cast haste upon my barbarian friend while running for cover.

The barbarian delivered blow after blow until finally landing the death blow upon it with his dragon slaying sword! We stood victorious.

We looted the bodies, but to no avail with nothing to be found. We went into the caves we found earlier only to find that they had made these caves their home. We found several items of note, namely a +1 shield and a potion of invincibility.

We were told that nearby was another or encampment, but we decided that we needed to rest and recuperate. We took a long rest away from the orc mound with the centaur watching over us and headed back to Phandalin.

Arriving back in town, The innkeeper was glad to hold our rooms for us though we were gone for several days! In the tap room, we found the man known as Falcon, who had the job posted to get rid of the orcs at his hunting lodge. We told him of the orcs that we slew at the henge, twitch his reply was that his hunting lodge was not far from that location. We decided to take a rest for the evening and told him we would head out first light to deal with the orcs.

We also found out an interesting fact: the dragon that we were looking for was not a green dragon, as that was the dragon that had been slain and lay underneath the Dragon Barrow! Apparently, the dragon which we were being tasked to slay was the white dragon that we had seen take the deer!

Deciding that we were going to deal with the dragon after helping Falcon and ensuring that the town had a safe place to stay, we readied ourselves for what may lie ahead!

What lay in store for us next week? Only time in the fates may tell.

Until next time, Dear Readers…

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