The Dice Review (Final)

Dear Readers, I am so excited to bring you this final product review, you cannot possibly imagine.

Dice Envy

First off, the Dice Envy set:

Aren’t they gorgeous?!

They are a metal set (keep in mind, this is the first set they sent me for my dice box subscription!), called the Ancient Relic set.

As you can see, it is a 9-piece set, that comes with an extra d20 that is silver, as well as an extra d6.

The set is lighter for a metal set, although still a bit more hefty than, say, an acrylic or a resin set.

The included insert was very a nice touch and really appealed to my inner dice goblin/gamer.

Here is the best part, though: the return policy:

Did you catch that, Dear Readers? If I hated the dice I got for some reason, I could get a hold of them and exchange them. I mean, what isn’t to love?!

Also? They roll like a champ. Very nice.

Kraken Dice

Now, I would like to revisit Kraken Dice…

I couldn’t seem to get the pictures to come out more clearly, but several of the numbers on the oversized d20 have a poor number paint job, or numbers that haven’t been drilled well enough.

So I sent a message through the customer service contact form.

This was their reply, verbatim (although I am taking out the salutation and the customer service person’s name, this is the body of the email):

Thank you for contacting us. I am sorry, but our replacement policy does not cover dice that have small amounts of excess paint, as it does not affect product functionality.


Bro… I didn’t buy these necessarily for their “functionality,” I bought them because they are pretty. And this die has several distinctly un-pretty spots!

I mean, am I being unreasonable? I’m not saying that I want to exchange the set! I don’t want a full refund! I just want a quality product! Is that too much to understand?

Now, that said, yes the rest of the set is beautiful. But they roll like garbage.

I tried them this last Tuesday for the Ingrates game, and whenever I rolled them, they rolled like garbage.

Now, I’m not a DM that railroads, and nor am I a DM that believes in a “DM vs Player” sort of mindset, but I’d like the bad guys to put up at least some sort of some kind of token resistance! And when I rolled my Kraken set… there was none. I couldn’t roll double digits if it would save my life.

Call me paranoid, but I am afraid of keeping them in my dice box for fear of cursing my other dice…

Final Conclusion

In the end, after everything is said and done, I have to go with Dice Envy.

Their customer service policy, their subscription boxes, and the final quality of their product won.

Oh, and because one of my dice-goblin players who loves Kraken Dice will say something;

As I said with the Kraken Dice, I don’t buy dice necessarily because they roll well, I buy them because they are pretty, so I did not include that part in my evaluation (you know who you are…).

Maybe I will give Kraken Dice another chance in the future if I find a set that I think I’ll love, but I’m not sure.


Until next time, Dear Readers…

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