Dear Readers, you wouldn’t believe what happened yesterday. I finally got to play!

As we were taking our characters from Waterdeep: Dragon Heist, I was permitted to build a fifth level character, which ended up being a lovely female high elf bladesinger.

I love her so much.

It was loads of fun. We started off arriving in Phandalin, where we were tasked by the Blackstaff to help them deal with their dragon problem. Apparently, there was a green dragon that had been terrorizing the town.

We got into town and settled in at the inn and tavern, called the Stone Hill Inn. After prepaying a couple of days, we headed off to the job board to find out what work there was to be had in town. We found three jobs:

1) Clear out a safe haven for the town for the dragon attack – an old dwarven ruin called Axeholm

2) Go to the Dragon Barrow and retrieve a dragon slaying sword to help us defeat the Dragon

3) Deal with a bunch of orc wizards out in the forest at some sort of stone circle

The DM, having obviously prepared Axholm (in hindsight, we found out), we headed to the Dragon Barrow to retrieve the sword in helping us defeat the Dragon.

Before confronting the barrow, the party met a centaur who was warning us of the dangers of the barrow. Explaining that we still needed the sword within, the centaur gave us warning as to what we would be facing and ask our help dealing with an orc menace within the woods. We agreed to help the centaur after completing our quest.

After setting off a few traps and avoiding others, the party found several things of note: a horse skeleton that served a member of the party, a necklace of fireballs, and a lute of illusions.

We did find the dragon slaying sword, but the moment we touched it, we were attacked by an invisible stalker as well as to willow-the-wisps.

The battle was hard fought but the party prevailed.

After leaving the Barrow, we found it was night and saw that the woods were lit up like fireflies with more willow-the-wisps. Avoiding them, the party went to the other side of the road and camp for the night.

The next morning, during breakfast, the party heard a roar in the distance and I spied a white dragon streaking its way in our direction.

The party scrambled towards the woods and hid, preparing for the possibility of battle while the dragon approached.

The dragon simply caught and carried off a deer and left having not spotted us.

After talking, once again, with the centaur the party left their horses with the centaur and continued on foot towards the orc menace.

Where will we end up next week? Hopefully, kicking the tail of these orcs that are terrorizing the woods.

Until next time, Dear Readers…

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