Upcoming Projects

So I have a number of projects coming down the pipeline that I am excited to share with you all!

Battletech: Clan Invasion Unboxing

I’ve said a number of times that, while D&D is most definitely my jam, I have a love of all things tabletop gaming.

My other tabletop love is Battletech.

Catalyst Games, over a year ago now, launched a WILDLY successful Kickstarter to reboot the Battletech brand. Coming out with the Starter Set and Battletech: Game of Armored Combat already, they launched the Kickstarter for Clan Invasion. Without going into the lore, most fans of Battletech were super excited when it released.

Here’s where things get a little weird. The retail stores got their supplies to release the Battletech: Clan Invasion box sets and miniature packs before the Kickstarter Wave 2 was released.

Take a wild guess which wave my things are in…

The good news is, that the Wave 2 products should be coming out within the next two weeks or so. I haven’t seen any updates since july, but the last update said things should be getting shipped out in the US this month. I’m looking forward to that unboxing. I’m going to do the unboxing via still pictures here, as well as for Your Dork Materials in the form of a video.

I will also likely be doing a blog post on the lore of Battletech so you folks can see why I’m so excited about this universe.

Miniature Painting

I have a couple of commissions that I have to work on.

The first one is a paid commission by a friend of mine that sits at one of my tables.

Although the campaign is over, I still like the idea of painting it for him.

It’s a goliath barbarian and I’m thinking he’s going to turn out great.

The next one is a sort of trade. Another friend of mine has one of the new Magic the Gathering D&D cards that I want. Particularly Mordenkainen.

As a trade, he wanted one of my commissions. I am doing a planetar for him.

I’m excited about both of them and can’t wait to share pictures.

What does this mean for Acererak? Yeah, I remember him. And I know that I haven’t worked on him much, if at all. In fact, I realized, too late that I actually broke part of his crown. I’m considering writing the manufacturer and seeing if I can get a new mini and try again. He’s actually turned out to be much more difficult than I had anticipated. That doesn’t mean I’m giving up on him, it’s just that he’s being kind of difficult right now.

Here’s where he is as of now:

Well, Dear Readers, that’s where I am at the moment. These are my upcoming projects that I am working on. You can look forward to seeing them in the near future.

Additionally, our author of A Player’s Perspective is a little behind due to work obligations, and is in the process of getting his posts up.

What do you think, dear readers? Are there any other projects you would like to see me tackle? Let me know in the comments section below!

Until next time…

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