Running Sooooo Many Games! & D&D Magic the Gathering

You may remember my post a long time ago about being the “Forever DM.” Yeah, that’s totally me. And I bring it upon myself.

Here are the number of games that I run:

I run my Adventurers League table on Sundays, and just picked up an online game earlier in the day, and a Discord game that evening. Monday nights I may or may not have BattleTech. Tuesday nights I run the Inglourious Ingrates. Wednesday nights, at least for now before school starts, I run the young people’s group.

Add that up, I’m playing tabletop games six times a week. 5 days a week. Something has got to give, or I will be in DM Burnout™.

This, phenomenon, too, have I posted about.

Don’t get me wrong, I love DMing, but I would like to play. Even for a one-shot.

T’would be a grand time.

I even have a character planned: Anton Evenwood, Bard Extraordinaire! Either that, or my Elven Bladesinger who wields her family’s ancestral moonblade. Or my justicar cleric of the Grave Domain, Azrael. Depending on the adventure and level. All fun (I imagine) to play.

In any case, enough of my ranting. You didn’t come here to listen to me rant.

D&D Magic the Gathering

So I used to play magic, a long time ago. It was a fun game to play. I still enjoy playing it on occasion. But I haven’t touched it in a while.

Until now.

Now, I’ve gone back into that bottomless pit. Why? Because I have to collect everything. Everything Dungeons and Dragons, apparently.

So I signed up to get a set booster box and one of those boxes that comes with, usually, and oversized counter plus 15 boosters. Can’t remember what they’re called. In any case, I have more cards on the way.

So I opened. And I opened more. And now I have Brunor Battlehammer, Acererack, Zariel, Drizz’t Do Urden, Asmodeus, and some really nice dracolich, among many other cards. It was a blast opening all of them. I have the wish spell and meteor swarm both as Magic the Gathering cards.

Will I likely make a deck out of these? Probably not. I own them for the collector value more than anything. I have a bunch of the art cards and are hoping to get more.

Above our several other cards that I got of note. You can see, I got a really nice set.

Minsc and Drizz’t are, undoubtedly, my favorites. It should also be noted, that I actually got Gwenevar’s token card.

So, yeah, good haul. And I am buying another Set Booster box.

What is wrong with me?! 😉

In any case, next month is going to be busy with some plans that hopefully pan out for Adventurers League and our Tuesday night game night, with September being very busy.


I had been invited to an exclusive game run by Allen Hammack, the author of The Ghost Tower of Inverness, who would be running said adventure! Unfortunately it fell on a Saturday so I was unable to go, BUT!

I actually own the original adventure, and asked a buddy of mine who would be attending to have it signed by Mr. Hammack, to which he agreed. Hopefully, after next weekend, I will have that signed copy!

Well, I hope you enjoyed today’s post, Dear Readers!

Until next time…

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