Painting Update: Rogue For My Wednesday Evening Young Peoples’ Group

You may remember that I had posted about an aasimar paladin that I had been working on for a player in this group. I had also posted before that about the other miniature I had planned on working on for the same group (at the end of the post). Long story short: the paladin is supposed to be a guy, and the rogue had longer hair in a ponytail with rapiers.

Well, crud.


I found the perfect miniatures.

Although I don’t have the paladin handy, you may remember me painting them:


Both miniatures I am very proud of.

Now I get to do it again, but even better. Yay!

So I started painting without even thinking, but I still have some step-by-step pictures:

I used Leather Brown for the main part of the armor, as well as Werewolf Fur for the pauldrons, the bottom of the boots, and accent on the main armor.

Busting out my metallic colors, I used Evil Chrome on the tips of the scabbards and the spikey bits of the pauldrons.

I used Gun Metal on the swords, as they looked to be higher-end magical weapons.

Better view of the spikey bits on the pauldrons.

I’m not sure what else I’ll be using on this mini, but I can say that it’s coming along well, and that I am excited to see where it will go!

Until next time, Dear Readers…

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