Rime of the Frostmaiden: The Finale

Dear Readers, due to the…decisions of the party, the campaign ended rather…abruptly. And no, it wasn’t a TPK…Also, the ranger/rogue and the fighter/rogue were gone and we had two substitute players: a halfling and a goliath barbarian.

The battle against the demilich continued, with two new allies joining the fight!

Upon joining, the goliath barbarian tossed threw the halfling at the demilich, landing blows and finding herself below.

The battle raged until the gnome wizard out-thought the demilich by using the spell telekinesis to push the demilich towards the smiting hands of the party’s paladin/barbarian!

With several well placed swings and a couple of critical rolls, the paladin smited (smote? smitten?) Iriolarthas, ending his miserable existence.

Looking around, the party began to look for clues as to the veracity of using the staff of power on the obelisk.

They found, among other things, an instruction manual on how to do just that, using half of the charges in the staff of power.

It was at this point that, while poking a moving doorway with her javelin, the halfling barbarian got sucked into a living demiplane.

Shenanigans ensued, and the plane was destroyed and thereby disgorged its contents, namely a couple of flesh golems and a trio of galven magen.

The galven magen would heal the flesh golems with their lighting attacks while the flesh golems would beat on the party. The party then realized the problem and killed off the magen then worked on taking out the golems.

After that was sorted out, the party went back to Veneranda and, although they had some reservations, agreed to check out the obelisk. The party discussed leaving, but ultimately decided to at least see the obelisk and assess it.

When the party began to get suspicious, it was then that Veneranda attacked the wizard with mind control psionic abilities, eventually getting the gnome to give the staff over to her, who activated the obelisk.

When the dust settled the obelisk was gone, and a brightly colored aarakocra stood and explained the situation to the party. Seeing their surroundings, there was no mistake: the party had been hurled backwards in time to before the fall of Ythryn, sometime around -342 DR.

The fate of the party was thus: the party would be given a ride from a skycoach to the surface to be with their respective peoples, albeit over a millennia and a half in the past. The dwarf decided to go back to his people and begin prophecies predicting the future. The cleric was in shock and awe, and was offerd to be sent to other divine spellcasters to sort out his life. The gnome wizard was offered to be allowed to stay and study with the Arcanists of Ythryn.

What do you think, Dear Readers? What do you think? Was it the kind of ending you would have guessed?

Join us next week for the beginning of our new campaign, Waterdeep: Dragon Heist!

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