I’m Stuck…

Note: if you are one of my Tuesday campaign players, do not read this until after 11 pm tonight. Spoilers.

Dear Readers, I find myself in quite the quandary.

You see, I’m stuck.

I have about a half dozen projects I’m working on and I’m stuck between them.

I have to finish doing prep for tonight, that is the Inglorious Ingrates.

I have to get cracking on my monthly game and finish the next adventure for them before next Wednesday.

I am…well, let’s just say that I am exceedingly behind in my miniature painting.

Add to that, I’ve got “DM Block”©, a condition where you have a map and are struggling to decide on what to fill it with.

So I’m going to start with the most pressing of those things as I have a game to run tonight:

DM Block

Note: if you want an update as to what’s going on, make sure you read our articles called Player’s Perspective. That should get you updated as to where we are.

As is usually helpful for me, I will write this out like I’m talking it out in order to help get the old creative juices going. Here we go.

So the place for the party is heading to is a burial mound.

There’s currently inhabiting in a group of… goblinoids led by someone or something else.

Okay, so the goblins and their crew has broken into the tomb to use as a base of operations. They plundered the first few chambers. All the party’s gear and equipment as well as other treasures that have been stolen from the townsfolk and passing travelers.

The leader of this particular group will have almost opened the door to the inner chamber. Fight between heat and party ensues.

Before he dies, in a last-ditch effort, he will open the inner chamber hoping that he can either escape or that something in there will assist him. He didn’t exactly do his research.

After fight with this guy, the party will inevitably end up fighting what’s in the main chamber. Accordingly, they may want to, after getting a clue, go further into this burial mound.

I have the main person buried here as well as their two lieutenants.

While doing this, I actually came up with what I was going to do. As a cool preview of one of the things the party will find I finally been able to bring up a stylized version of a symbol they keep finding. This time they’ll find it on an old shield that doesn’t seem to have any enchantment on it other than it will not deteriorate or rust. Here’s the picture:

Believe it or not, I actually did that using PowerPoint.

I think I have enough of the dungeon completed now to get through this session at the very least. Now, I have to pack my gear pick up one of my players, and head out.

Thank you, Dear Readers, for being part of my writing process. As you can see, when you get stuck, sometimes it helps just to talk it out, or in my case, write it out!

Until next time, Dear Readers…

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