Rime of the Frostmaiden: The Central Spire

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When last we left our heroes, they had just driven off Auril, and had taken a long rest.

Seeing that the force field around the central spire was still down, the party decided to head towards the spire.

Ascending the stairs, the party came to a large set of double doors, which, after opening, led to a huge and grand ballroom, with a party going on. Upon closer inspection, of course, the ball was naught but an illusion. Deciding to press forward, the party ventured further inside.

Their search led them to a chamber with several staffs, one of which was magical, and that only providing some protections against poison and fear. Taking them anyways, the party continued onward.

Eventually, they came to a room with a strange sight…

It was a helmed horror, sans helm, with a floating brain inside a jar in its place!

Interestingly, the strange being contacted them by telepathy introducing itself as Veneranda, formerly an arcanist of Netheril who took this path to save herself.

She told the party that her goal was to restore the city and that upon restoring the city she would reward the party with gold and magic items. All the way we need to do was to go up to Iriolarthas’ study and retrieve his staff. Using the staff on the obelisk in the city, she could restore the city.

The party agreed and set off to the study.

Crossing a bridge made solely of force, the party encountered yet another curiosity: a being made of magic that introduced itself as Everlast, who was created by Iriolarthas himself to help with restoring the city. When the party told them of Veneranda’s plan, he cautioned them that the obelisk was broken and that it may not work.

Seeing the entry into the tower above, the wizard cast fly on the paladin/barbarian who promptly flew up to the door above, opened it, and checked inside.

What he saw was not the entryway was covered in a dome made of some sort of force. Beyond that was a room with only one exit guarded by two sword like objects floating in front of it that seem to be made out of darkness itself. Above the doorway, there was a crystal, glowing and loose in its fitting.

Causing a loud boom, the crystal deactivated, and the party prepared for battle against the black blades. Due to their ranged attack abilities and the flying dwarf paladin/barbarian, the party made short work of them.

Proceeding further, the party came to a series of eight doors in a row before them. Each held a sigil of one of the schools of magic.

Opening two different doors (transmutation and evocation) the party was met with pure darkness and an attack by a pair of barbed devils!

Dispatching them, the party read the inscription above, and realized that they must speak the title and name of one of Iriolarthas’ eight apprentices of their chosen school of magic. Doing so, the party came to a room with eight chairs in a semicircle, in front of which was a sparkling and glittering starscape.

Deciding to look around, the party found a crumbled library, where the party found a scroll of the comet as well as instructions on how to enter Iriolarthas’ study.

Looking at the chairs, the wizards sat in chairs of their chosen school (Vellyn and the gnome wizard), and one of the party who had drank of the chalice back in the academy. Before them opened a portal.

Heading in, the party was met with what was undoubtedly Iriolarthas’ study, with Iriolarthas the demilich floating above his personal library, watching them, along with three nothics.

The party explored the room, the gnome wizard eager to see what he could find. Seeing a few vials of valuable powder, Iriolarthas’ staff of power, his spell book, and another yet unknown scroll, the wizard swept them all into his bag of holding, whereupon Iriolarthas and the nothics attacked.

The paladin/barbarian, with another fly spell upon him, engaged Iriolarthas, hammering him with all his might and using his smite ability. The demilich harassed the party with ability after ability, at one point knocking the wizard unconscious.

Will the party prevail over the demilich? Will they be able to help Veneranda restore Netheril?

Tune in next week to find out!

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Until next time, Dear Readers…

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