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Dear Readers,

I apologize if there has been a serious lack of substantive content in recent history, but I’ve been feeling really under the weather especially after my short vacation. No I don’t have anything serious, just a cold combined with allergies.

That said I have some updates on some things I’ve been working on.

First up is our Monk. There needs to be some things done to fix her, not the least of which is trying to figure out how to keep her feet from falling off. She’s been… delicate, to say the least.

Next up we have our old boy Acererack.

He’s been interesting to work on, as I am constantly feeling like I primed him the wrong color. Considering that I’m using a shade of black as the color of his robe, but it is a different black than the black that I am using to color his robe, it has been… frustrating.

That said, he’s coming along nicely, if not slowly.

Next, I have been working on my Tuesday group campaign adventure. As I have a number of my players from Tuesdays read this blog, I can’t show you what I’ve been doing exactly, but suffice to say that the next part of their current adventure is done being written and the associated map is completed as well. I am very excited about this.

Lastly, as you all know, Sundays are the days that I run Adventurers League. We are currently having some DM turnover, due to scheduling and other issues, so I have been trying to get new DMs trained and prepped to run.

Add insult to injury, and my MS is starting to flare up again. I don’t think I am in a full-blown relapse, but it seems on the horizon, and I am desperately trying to maintain my stress-management to keep it at bay as long as possible.

For those unaware, I have Secondary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis. It takes a lot out of me most days, so when you aren’t seeing me post out of the blue, you know why. It has an effect on my physical and mental health; the struggle is real, y’all.

Well, that’s enough from me! You all have a wonderful day, and I’ll see you tomorrow with another installment of Rime of the Frostmaiden!

Until next time, Dear Readers…

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