Rime of the Frostmaiden: Facing the Frostmaiden

The party, when last we left off, was facing off against a ginormous blue toad-like creature with giant claws on each of its hands: a slaad. After their usual tactic of withering ranged fire followed up by the paladin/barbarian smashing its knees in with his maul the beast was made short work of.

Moving inward into the Observatory, the party found nothing on the ground floor, and moved onward upstairs to a curious sight: a green slaad tinkering with a large telescope, totally ignoring them.

As the party was here only to read the inscription, the party read the inscription and left, leaving well enough alone.

On their way to the next tower, the party saw that the force field that had been surrounding the central spire was now gone.

The party then heard a voice, a whispering, cold voice, telling them to leave the city now, or they would face her wrath. Having learned that the Frostmaiden, Auril herself, was in Ythryn, the party decided to find a place to face her, thinking that the museum would be a good place, once the nothics inside were dealt with.

The party heard the footsteps of many coming their way right after the fight…too soon.

It was then that a small horde of cold-walkers, undead with a cold and blinding light coming from their faces, came shambling inside the building. As the party began facing them, it was then that the ranger found Auril behind him!

Auril in her 1st form…

The fighting was fierce, and only timely healing from the cleric, judicious use of fireball from the wizard, constant movement by the ranger/rogue, and the use of the paladin/barbarian’s lay on hands ability to cure the blindness caused by the cold walkers kept the party going.

The party leveled their attacks at the Frostmaiden, finally bringing her down into a melted puddle…or so they thought, as a flurry of snowflakes revealed her second form!

Auril (Second Form)

The party fought hard, the ranger/rogue and the rouge/fighter being trapped inside of a crystal of ice by the Frostmaiden, leading, eventually, to the ranger’s death.

The party fought on, dishing out as much as they were getting, finally destroying this form, only to have a giant floating crystal appear some distance above them! Auril, it seemed, had many forms, and the party realized with horror that it would be difficult to defeat a goddess…

Swearing vengeance and their destruction, Auril departed, leaving the party to rest and recuperate from their wounds.

Where will the party go from here? Will they continue on to the central spire in order to find something to finally defeat the Frostmaiden? Stay tuned for next week to find out!

Until next time, Dear Readers…

P.S. – I am going on a short vacation with my sons beginning tomorrow, so there won’t be a post until Thursday at the earliest.

Thanks for your understanding while I take this much needed break!

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