Let’s Talk About Battletech

Dear Readers, I am pretty excited. The Kickstarter for the Battletech: Clan Invasion is supposed to come out in the next few months!

For those who don’t know, Battletech is a tabletop war game, where giant, human-powered robots battle it out on the many worlds colonized by humanity after the 30th century.

One of my favorite tag lines for the game, if I remember it correctly, is “Life is cheap, battlemechs aren’t.”

Personally, I prefer the “classic” Battletech game rules over the Alpha Strike rules, although I would like to learn them for larger scale combat.

For those that are interested in getting into Battletech, there is a beginner rules set available for purchase, with the option to purchase the main game rules an expansion sets of battlemechs.

Look forward in the future for videos for tips on how to play Battletech on our upcoming YouTube channel, Your Dork Materials, as well as miniature painting for the minis right here!

Once I get the Kickstarter, you will be the first to see the unboxing!

Until next time, Dear Readers…

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