Rime of the Frostmaiden: Someone is Coming to Get Us…

Dear Readers, it has come to my attention that I apparently cut my notes off short last time, and missed them going to the Tower of Transmutation, as well as the beginning of a fight. I will begin this post by correcting that mistake…

We pick up our tale with the party entering into the Tower of Transmutation, seeing a light in the window above. Ascending the tower, the party was surprised to find an adamantine statue of a woman in robes, as if in the middle of casting a spell, but laying on its side. There was an inscription on the wall, but broken onto the floor. Using magic, the party repaired the inscription, and pieced together another clue as to how to enter into the central tower.

After exiting the tower, the party heard a screeching above them, to see that a group of gargoyle’s were attacking!

After engaging them, several in the party heard a commotion coming from behind them as they were engaged by a frost giant skeleton and two winter wolves. Combat was swift, as the ranged casters and the ranged fighters (the rogue with his crossbow and ranger with his longbow) took down the gargoyles before they could close for melee, and the wizard had used confusion to great affect against the winter wolves and the frost giant skeleton.

Not taking a breather, the party continued onward, passing by the museum, where the party decided not to engage the 6 nothics there, passing onwards, and passing by what the wizard realized was the city’s mythallar, a large magical sphere that had many wondrous capabilities, and was rumored to have been the power that actually kept the city aloft! As the central tower was still protected by some sort of force field, the party continued onward.

The next building that the party came across, as they went towards the Tower of Divination, was the House of the Arcane, a great monumental building seemingly dedicated to the 8 schools of magic, with an intact stained-glass window each depicting a school of magic. Deciding to look inside, the party saw broken furniture and a lectern or podium, with a singular golden goblet with a steaming clear liquid sitting upon it. Feeling brave, three of the party decided to drink the liquid, finding that the goblet never went empty, and each gaining a magical charm of some kind that lasts for a single day.

Heading onward, the party came across the Tower of Divination, ascending above and finding a large glass orb sitting on a stone plinth. Inside the orb were dozens of eyes of various kinds, floating around, and looking at those inside room. Detecting the orb as magical, as well as reading the inscription on the plinth (“Ask and we shall find.”), the party initially left the orb alone. That is, until they realized that the part of the ceiling that had the inscription they needed to help them get into the central tower was missing. Having Vellyn attempt to use the orb, she asked where the inscription could be found, to which it advised that it could be found in the observatory. The party prepared to leave, but the gnome wizard had for it another question: “Where is Auril?”

The answer sent a shiver down the spine of all, when he got the reply: In the central tower of Ythryn.

The party realized that their time was now running out to find what they had come for.

Continuing on, heading towards the observatory, the party came across a large, dark, hole in the ground, easily 25-30 feet across. Seeing 5 crystalline benches around it, the party asked Professor Skant about this area’s nature. According to Professor Skant, it was called the Wellspring of Answers, and that if one were to meditate upon the empty well, one could be provided knowledge. Deciding to try their luck, the gnome again attempted, as did the ranger, finding out some information regarding Ythryn in general, but not specifically what they were looking for.

The party left the Wellspring and came across an old bazaar, where they heard various sounds coming from within. Checking it out, they found a massive iron golem, sans a head (which they realized that they had found back within the Caves of Hunger), which seemed to sense the ranger! As it turned towards the ranger, one of the party, who had the Charm of Conjuration (allowing them to cast mage armor at will for the next day), and used it to rattle things behind the golem. The golem turned back towards the new sound, and the party went to walk away, but were confronted by a sextet of snow golems!

One fireball spell later, along with a few arrows and bolts, and the snow golems were defeated. The party left the area and headed towards the observatory where they found it guarded by a trio of galvan magen, a trio of damos magen, and a hypnos magen. The party were warned off by the hypnos magen, and the party left the area to regroup and decide what to do, heading to the Menagerie, but not before hearing a lone winter wolf howling far into the distance.

Inside the menagerie, the party found frozen miniaturized biomes: forests, deserts, mountains, etc…At the center of this building, they found a strange machine, with tubes, and small keg-sized barrels, and a control panel with a lever. After looking it all over, one of the party was able to ascertain that, given an amount of blood, the level could be pulled and a creature would come out, although what sort would be unknown. Professor Skant confirmed this, and being that the party was preparing to rest, took of their own blood to activate the machine. The cleric pulled the lever, and out crawled a baboon, but with snake fangs that would deliver a poisonous bite! Even more amazing was that this baboon was loyal to the cleric!

Taking their rest, the party geared up to face off against the magen, but not without the cleric acting a little…paranoid (this had happened to the gnome wizard the day before). Not thinking too much on it, the party left back for the observatory.

The party used their tried and true tactics, engaging the enemy at range and waiting for them to close. The only surprise that awaited the party was that whenever they had attacked and hit the galvan magen, they were struck with a lightning bolt! The party prevailed, however, and went to open the observatory door, only to find that it was actually welded shut!

The party beat at the door, bashing it in, only to be rushed by a large, blue, frog-like creature, a blue slaad!

What will become of the party with the fight against the blue slaad? What will they find waiting for them in the observatory? Will Auril herself intervene? Find out next week!

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Until next time, Dear Readers…

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