Rime of the Frostmaiden: The Return of Avarice

When last we left off, the heroes had left the library and were headed to the Tower of Conjuration.

Seeing this tower, the party found it similarly lit up on the top as the others had been. Checking for traps and finding none, the party ascended the stairs to the top, only to find four living spells! They were Bigby’s Hands, which they fought against and won.

Looking around, all they saw was a model Castle. Debating at who should touch it first, somebody finally drew the Short straw and touched it, opening a portal to a pocket dimension. Inside were three hags, with dark purple skin and horns. Night Hags…

Introducing themselves as Auntie Pinch, Auntie Pillage, and Auntie Plunder. Believing that he was about to be eaten by these hags, The gnome wizard through the largest fireball he could conjure right in their midst. Combat was short lived, as the combination of arrow fire, smiting, and fireballs brought them down fairly quickly.

Leaving the tower, the party was surprised to see a raven stop by and deliver a letter to Vellyn, the party’s resident member of the Arcane Brotherhood.

The letter was a summons to meet with Avarice, the albino tiefling the party had run into back in Ten Towns.

Her demand was simple: expel Vellyn from the party, have her leave the necropolis altogether, and that the party begin working with her instead. The party contemplated this for all of a minute before assuring Vellyn that they were upholding their end of the bargain with her, where Vellyn cast of blight beginning combat.

The nail in the coffin for Avarice was when the Ranger cast silence on her, eliminating her ability to cast any spells.

Dealing with the cultists coming up the stairs, as well as the flying spellcaster wielding a staff of frost combat was not terribly difficult for the party.

Collecting what loot they found, with the gnome wizard claiming the staff, party continued onward into Ythryn.

Looking around for other towers, the party spotted a building that looked promising. Unfortunately for them, it was not a tower of magic, but a concert hall where an orchestra had been preparing to play a piece of music. The only one of the party who had any musical talent was, ironically, the dwarven paladin / barbarian. He led the orchestras best he could, eventually getting the orchestra frustrated with his lack ability. Leaving the concert hall, the party continued onward to the next tower.

Will the party be successful in discovering the clues from each Tower of magic? Will Auril tire of the parties interference with her plans and deal with the party personally?

Join us next week to find out!

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Until next time, Dear Readers…

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