Rime of the Frostmaiden: Reghed Tribes and the Caves of Hunger

When last we left our heroes, they had just rested after a grueling fight with some flame skulls.

After their rest outside of the glacier, the party was approached by a group of the Elk Tribe of the Reghed tribes. Their chieftain, had a vision a party, wish to help them end the everlasting of Icewind Dale. They weren’t party that the tiger tribe was on their way to stop them as the tiger tribe worships Auril. The party realized that this was the same group they had helped during the Trial of Endurance back in Auril’s abode!

The party accepted their help, and decided to stay and help the Elk Tribe fend off the Tiger Tribe.

The Tiger Tribe arrived soon afterwards, their chieftain accompanied by a large sabertooth tiger! This was the same tribe that they dealt with during the trial of cruelty, and that made the battle that much easier to fight. The battle was fierce, but the party was able to cut down a large portion of the force before they closed for hand to hand combat, the party, mostly with the help of their paladin/barbarian companion, cutting down their chieftain with withering blows. It helped that the party’s cleric had cut off the sabertooth tiger from the initial fight with an Otiluke’s resilient sphere spell, allowing them to deal with it after the rest of the battle had been won.

Parting ways with the surviving Elk Tribe members, the party entered back into the glacier.

Wandering further in, they came across a cavern with ice mephits along the ceiling and battle ensued.

After that fight, the party found a part of a Netherese tower that had become detached from the main city of Ythryn. Talking to their professor orb Professor Skant, the party found that they would be able to recover spell slots after spending even a short rest in that room! After said rest, they continued on, further into the caves…

The next chamber they came across brought a curious sight. A giant iron golem head! Detached from its body when the city of Ythryn fell, the powerful magics that created it kept it functional even after these many years.

Looking at other adjacent caverns, the party found a stone slab covered in ice and frost. Getting the frost off, the party found a strange device that allowed them to cast the spell arcane eye, which took the ranger (for this was the person that activated it) to the city of Ythryn!

Deciding to help themselves, the ranger used the eye to backtrack and help find a way through the maze of caverns towards the city.

It was when the majority of the party moved on that it attacked: a vampire gnoll attacked the party’s tabaxi rogue from behind!

Gnoll Vampire

This fearsome beast feasted on the rogue and others of the party as they fought it. The battle was tense, but again the paladin/barbarian’s raging smites won the fight, driving the foul beast away as a mist, likely towards its resting place in its lair.

Moving onward after resting, the party followed the ranger’s lead to a large cavern with another felled tower, finding two potions of superior healing! Seeing a large gaping hole in the floor, the ranger indicated that they must climb down, warning the party that something had melted its way through to make such a hole….

Will the party make it to Ythryn? What awaits them in the rest of the Caves of Hunger? Was that the last they will see of the gnoll vampire?

Join us next week to find out!

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Until next time, Dear Readers…

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