The Convention

Hello, Dear Readers!

It’s been a long day, and the convention weekend is now over.

The game room!

I know it looks sparse, but that’s because they were only letting in the people with the VIP passes. As a GM for the game room, I was allowed Early Access into the game room only. That said, I was able to get some good pictures of the convention hall floor.

Here are some pictures of Sunday!

Good sized room with lots of stuff going down! Lots of games being played.

Then there was my table!

Before the game began!
Checking out the abandoned town fountain…notice the dice goblin above!
Facing off against a troll!

Good game, mission complete, treasure looted!

It was a great time and next time I’ll take more pictures of the Convention hall!

Tomorrow, I’ll have a summary of our game, as we didn’t have a normal Sunday game, although… everyone but the guy in the ‘BAMA shirt and the woman in the pink sweater are actually part of my Sunday table! From left to right (Skipping the woman and the guy in the ‘BAMA shirt), Horris the Cleric, Allrick the Ranger, Entir the Wizard, and Hendel the Paladin/Barbarian. Also, the woman in the top picture, on the top far right ina red shirt is Eldeth, the Sorceress (was volunteering and not playing).

Until next time, Dear Readers…

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