Isn’t She Lovely…Isn’t She Beautiful…

Dear Readers, I was so excited about finishing her, I couldn’t contain myself, and had to post about her today!

Behold, the night hag…

I used Bright Gold to do the “beads” in her hair, as well as her bracelets, and then used one of the Effect paints, Glistening blood, to color the skull and spine.

Then I worked on shading her…

I decided to go with much darker colors due to what she is and how I imagine a night hag dresses. This is one of the few times I didn’t go with Army Painter and instead went with Citidel (I just don’t have the washes/shades from Army Painter on these) and used Nuln Oil and Agrax Earthshade.

You can see that I also did the base. That was Army Painter’s Spattered Mud color. This is NOT to be confused with Wet Mud. The Spattered Mud is a paint color, where Wet Mud is an Effect paint.

Then I used the Army Painter Brown Battleground to make the base better looking.

The ground effects basing materials really bring a miniature together, and the other stuff I have are mosses and grasses, so I avoided using those, opting for a more rubble-type effect.

All in all, I think she turned out very well.

What do you think, Dear Readers? Do you think that I should have done something differently? Let me know in the comment section below.

Until next time Dear Readers…

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