Rime of the Frostmaiden: The Codicil of the White

When last we left our heroes, they were in the dungeon level of Auril’s Abode…her home. The party had just finished the Test of Preservation, and stood before the entryway to the Test of Cruelty.

The party opened the door and found themselves in front of empty tents…Searching through, they found the Bear Tribe, preparing to kill three elders in order to feed the tribe, as they are unable to find food in the extended blizzard, after having eaten all of the sled dogs. The party, having been seen as emissaries of the Frostmaiden, were ordered to either slay the elders themselves, or walk away. Only two members said nothing and walked away, inadvertently passing the test.

The party, having finished the test and found themselves back in the dungeon of Grimskalle. Having done all of the tests, the party headed to the Vault, where the Codicil of the White was said to lay.

Approaching, the party found that it only opened to the ranger and the paladin/barbarian; the ones that passed every test.

It lay on a strange pedestal in the center of the room. The wizard took it and read through it, seeing the poem of the Rime of the Frostmaiden; the text needed to open the way to Ythryn. The text interestingly also contained a spell of the first order (level one spell: frostfingers).

Going further in, to the next chamber, the party found it was empty, except the broken remains of several ice statues.

Three of the party heard a voice in their minds, whispering: “Will you court death to receive my blessing?”

Of the three, the monk and wizard said yes. Immediately, they failed whatever test was needed, as they turned to statues of ice. The party put them into a bag of holding and continued on, deciding to head back to Brynn Shander to have the effect removed.

Heading there, the party spoke to the priest of Aumantaur, and acquired two scrolls, at a discount after the paladin lectured the priest about not giving more of a discount after saving Ten Towns. Before heading out, the party was approached by Vellynne Harpell who asked if she could show them where, exactly, on the glacier that the opening will be. The two companions restored and Vellynne in tow, the party headed towards the glacier.

Along the way, the party encountered a group of gnolls, which they demolished, and shortly after a blizzard hit, encountered a group of Battlehammer clan dwarves. After the dwarven Paladin/Barbarian had engaged them, the dragonborn, who had secretly been a reincarnated dwarf of the Battlehammer clan, recognized one of the dwarves as a childhood friend. After proving that she was who she was, they caught up on old time, after which the dwarf friend realized that they had a funeral for her and that her parents don’t know that she was still alive, albeit in a different form! After promising to go home to tell them eventually, the dwarves and the party parted ways.

It wasn’t soon later that the party came to the glacier. After the wizard read the Rime of the Frostmaiden, a crack in the glacier appeared and the party headed inside…

Within the first chamber, the party found a crashed skycoach, but were unable to explore it as four flameskulls came out of an adjacent cavern!


The battle was hard fought, and the party was limping away at the end. Checking the ship before resting, they found a safe that their rogue had opened easily enough, finding a bag of holding containing a ring of the ram and four amethysts.

The party decided to rest inside the leomund’s tiny hut that Vellynne conjured outside of the cave.

What will the party find inside the Caves of Hunger? Will they make it through to Ythyn okay?

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