Rime of the Frostmaiden: Tests of Auril

When we last left our heroes, they were preparing to battle two frost giant skeletons wielding anchors on long chains.

The heroes fought hard, and the frost giant skeletons fought just as hard. The party played it smart, though, and came out victorious.

Heading further in, they found a female Frost giant, completely encased in ice. Knowing a bit of religious lore of Frost giants, one party member looked up and noted that the face of the frost giant deity was marked on the ceiling, and filing this Frost giant Queen’s resting place would have dire consequences. Heading to the last chamber, the party found an ax in pristine condition, leaning up against the wall. Checking on its magical abilities, the party found that it was a cursed item, but still valuable in its own right. Deciding to put it into their bag of holding, the party headed back out into the central chamber, where the walrus still frolic and played.

Looking at their options, the party decided to head to the next chamber over. Entering inside, they found another doorway with the word “Endurance” written on the lintel. Opening the door, the party was transported to a group of Reghed Barbarians of the Elk Tribe. Realizing that each of them had a glowing snowflake above their heads, the party realized that this was one of the tests of the Frostmaiden. It seemed, through further discussion with the clan chief, that they must help pack up the tribe and move them to the new location closer to the reindeer that they hunted for food. Additionally, they had to do so through a blizzard that rendered their use of magic null. The trek was hard, and several of the party members ended the journey exhausted to the point of being near spent, but they all survived. Upon helping them unpack, the party was transported back into the chamber where they had begun.

The next chamber had the word “Isolation” about the lintel. After opening the store, they found themselves in the camp of the Tiger Tribe, with the queen of the tribe asking the party to watch the camp while they raided the Elk Tribe for food. The waiting provided time to rest from the arduous journey they had made during the test of endurance. But the waiting also proved to be a curse. After a few days, one of the party members disappeared without a trace. The next day, another party member disappeared. The Tiger Tribe Queen arrived, albeit 3 days late, with the missing party members in tow having found them wandering in a days in the snow. After gathering themselves, the party found themselves again back in the chamber they had been in when they had opened the isolation door.

The next area they found was a volt of some sort which declared the way barred for those that have not passed the tests of cruelty, endurance, isolation, and preservation.

Moving onward, the party found themselves in front of a doorway marked “Preservation.” Opening the store, they found themselves in the middle of the camp that had been slaughtered. After fighting off a group of large vultures, the party found a single survivor: the nine year old son of the clans chieftain, named Aerix Vokototh. Due to having been born on the midwinter, and therefore having resistance to cold, the young lad hit himself in a snow bank during the slaughter. It was at this moment that a human howl came from the outer skirts of the camp. It seemed that the clan chieftain that had ordered the slaughter of this tribe found that the young boy had survived the attack and decided that he himself must come to ensure the job was done. The party was prepared though, and as soon as he appeared, cut him down like the dog he was. some clan chieftain of a Wolf Tribe he was…

It seems that the only test remaining for the party will be the test of Cruelty.

What lies in store for the party for that test? What sort of things will the Frostmaiden demand of those wishing to seek out the Codecil of the White?

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