Rime of the Frostmaiden: Assaulting Auril’s Abode

When last we met, the party had decided to head out to the island known as the Isle of Solstice, upon which sits the ancient fortress called Grimskalle. Their transportation? The whale Angajuk, who has a magical boat upon his back.

The party travelled for three days, Angajuk playing the tour guide, showing old shipwrecks and ancient ruins of the nearly forgotten giant empire known as Ostoria.

Arriving at the island, the party took stock of their surroundings. Seeing two shipwrecks that apparently begged to be looted, the party headed to them. In the first, jackpot! A large helping of treasure was found and split between the members. In the second, however, two giant sharks, each the size of Angajuk, swam in the hold. The party decided that discretion was the better part of valor and left them be.

Continuing on to the island, the party came across an ice mephit, apparently bored and willing to play the part of tour guide for the island. Telling them of a person who’s ship crashed but who managed to make it to shore (freezing to death in the process). Deciding that was worth checking out, the party reboarded their ride (the whale) and set out to the northwest corner of the island.

Landing there, they found the ship as well as the tracks from the “survivor.” Following the trail, the party came to a gruesome sight: a man half buried in the snow, clutching an orb of some kind, frozen stiff with a snow white weasel nearby, alive.

Surprisingly, the orb began speaking! It introduced itself as Professor Skant, a type of sentient magical item known as a professor orb. This item’s sentience has a lot of knowledge regarding a few obscure subjects. Of note, it knows how to reach the lost city of Ythryn, the fall of the empire of Netheril, the making of a specific elven wine, and the tarrasque.

Then, once they took the orb, the ghost of the deceased and frozen corpse appeared. Apparently, the body was Nass Lantomir, yet another wizard of the Arcane Brotherhood who was sent to seek out Ythryn. He claimed to not be able to be at rest until The White Codicil was found. The cleric, Horris, volunteered to be his host to hunt for it.

The party, having gotten what they came for, crossed the icy island, coming across beings and creatures encased in ice! Not daring to touch anything, the party was nevertheless attacked by an ice troll that they fought, with some difficulty, needing a rest before heading onwards.

They next came across a field with beautifully carved statues that were so lifelike it nearly brought tears to your eyes.

The party wisely chose to not touch any of the statues and moved onward to the path that led up to Grimskalle.

Meeting no resistance, the party continued in word until they opened a door and found an old, grizzled, blind, and death frost giant. After attempting to engage in conversation, wearing the giant roared declaring that he finally had the opportunity for a noble warrior’s death, the party engaged in combat, choosing to knock him out instead of killing him outright. After reviving him, the party promised a swift and merciful death in exchange for information. They learned that the roc, located at the top of the fortress was key in Auril’s plans to continue keeping Icewind Dale in a perpetual frozen darkness. If it were killed, she’d be unable to continue the curse. Additionally, on the basement level, lay The Codicil of the White, the object they sought, in a vault that required passing Auril’s three tests.

Deciding to begin with the Codicil, the party headed downstairs. Upon reaching the bottom, the party was met with a curious sight! A walrus dancing and playing and rolling across the ice-covered floor, who payed no heed to the party’s presence!

Seeing six passages on each major compass point, the party began north. Upon the door lay an engraving, in giant speech:

In ice and blood, our folk are born.

To our great queen, we raise our horn.

We’ll fight and plunder in the morn.

To Vassavicken, we are sworn.

Opening the door, the party was met with a pair of frost giant skeletons that moved forward with ill intent anchors on chains as weapons…

Will the party survive the encounter? What will they find behind the door? Will they recover the Codicil? When will Auril come home?

Find out next week!

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Until next time, Dear Readers…

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