Hey all, sorry for the lack of post today. I was in doctor’s appointments all day today, and I’m beat. So here’s some D&D related memes and such.

Out of Context Dnd Memes (@oocdndmemes) | Twitter
Dnd meme about dnd memes : dndmemes
Chin - Let me get this straight, you actually enjoy every second of dming for us? I do and l'm tired of pretending I don't.
Animation - Party How is this fair? Our caster is a warlock! DM It's not faif, you have no rights and he is not a caster Haha eldritch blast! We just keep him aroud because he's fun. Look at him go!
Human - Wizards: Study Sorcerers: Bloodline Clerics: Faith Bards:
Hair - Logging into Roll20 at 4 AM to check my character sheet me DM
Dress shirt - When you cast prestidigitation on your party's ration to máke them taste better: shef
Finger - DM: so what do you want to do in town? Party: Bard Fighter Warlock ERES Druid Random Lobster
Animation - Organism - The Cleric casting Commune for the The Cleric casting Commune for the first time tenth time CS
Animation - Yellow - My dice when rolling to attack: 72 My dice when rolling to convince the butcher that my blue socks are actually green:

Hope you all enjoyed the memes. I love collecting these.

Again, sorry for the lack of post. I’ll post it up for tomorrow.

Until next time, Dear Readers…

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