Quick Painting Update: The Shame Lessens

As most of you may know, I have a number of miniatures that I had begun to paint, but had abandoned for reasons like: “Gah, this isn’t as fun to paint as I’d thought it’d be,” and “This mini sucks. Why did I buy it?” and my personal favorite “I have so many minis…so many…OOH! SHINY NEW MINI, MUST PAINT!”

Thus began my shame collection. The collection of half/partially painted miniatures that I have yet to finish even the base coats, let alone any detailing/drybrushing/shading/etc…

The Night Hag was one of those. BUT! I actually sat down and worked on her before pulling out a new miniature to paint. Here she is:

As you can see, she’s coming along nicely. I’m sdone with the skulls, did some touchups on her face, worked on her horns, touched up her robe and hair, and began her belt/braids.

As you can see, she still has quite a ways to go, but she’s getting along well.

I hope to have her done by next week, so I can show you how nice she can look.

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Thanks again, you all are amazing!

Until next time, Dear Readers…

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