Miniature Painting Spotlight

So I promised an update on the painting of the female elven ranger miniature that one of our Dear Readers had won in our first giveaway, and here is where she was last…

Well, she advanced some…

She was coming along quite well…

And then I did some more work, getting the base paint on her.

She was really coming together. I enjoyed the use of greens and browns.

But the best is yet to come…

Details are done, and shading has begun.

Oh, Dear Readers, it gets better!

Isn’t she something?

Yeah, I know, there are places I was holding it that weren’t dry and paint came off, particularly on the base. But that’s okay, as I am going to do some terrain work on there.

Now, I cannot claim credit on these last steps. Yourdorkmaterials and I were hanging out with a friend named Darren (the one teaching me the more advanced painting techniques), talking and painting. In fact, Yourdorkmaterials is working on, what I believe, will be an awesome miniature, and I hope he lets me showcase it here! But I digress.

Darren ran the assist and helped (read: did for me!) the shading and highlights. He’s going to do some more of it to make it presentable for our winner! He’s helping while I learn the techniques he’s teaching me. Great guy, right?!

But there she is.

Dear Readers, I hope you enjoyed seeing her as much as I loved painting her. I’ll post up when Darren is done with the touch-up work on her!

Until next time, Dear Readers…

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