Tuesday Game: A Player’s Perspective – Three Grave Road and Goblin Revolt

Last time on DBZ… wait wrong story…

We left our adventuring companions taking on a bandit raid targeting a former raider by the name of Tara Grassel/Lyra Firebrand who was providing food and board for our adventures. The bandits were pushed back with spells and sorcery, and the party was able to put out most of the flames attempting to ruin the farm. With the danger passed, the group asked their host what she wished to do with the leader they captured, and she wished to be left alone to take care of late husband’s farm in peace. Thus, when the morning sun rose, the group got back on the road to make their way back to Dope’s Hope.

A few days travel later, the party was traveling along a road known to be fraught with danger called Three Graves Road. This road had a history for being treacherous from Thunder Storms that had scattered massive boulders throughout the relatively flat landscape, and a particularly nasty storm had claimed the lives of three nameless travelers. Their corpses were subsequently buried, and their graves serve as a warning and place of prayer to all that travel along the route.

One such traveler was a halfing man who approached the changling ranger, Ari, and proclaimed her to be the avatar of his deity, Tymora. As if prompted by otherworldly powers, three ethereal specters rose from the iconic graves, and they sought to bring more travelers to their demise! The party quickly dispatched the ghostly figures, but the monsters soon gave way to three zombies who also wished to drag the adventures to their graves! Yet, once again our heroes vanquished these undead foes put before them, and all seemed peaceful….

Until, the heavens themselves turned dark and the air around the adventures went to a deathly silence as a black cloaked figure with a large scythe materialized before all present. The only figure that could bring all living things to a silent stop was death itself, but this figure was not hear to gather more souls. Instead, death brought warnings that mysterious and malevolent entities were gathering power to bring darkness to the lands, and asked who will be their champion to prevent this calamity? The only one to speak up was the goliath barbarian, Spray, who answered the call to stop this darkness, and he was then given a dark periapt of health. As quickly it came, death then dissolved on the spot leaving the party with ill feelings about what the future held.

Several further days of travel found the party once again at their keep, Dope’s Hope, and the new members of the group were welcomed warmly and acquainted with the surrounding area. After a night of entertainment and comradery, the group decided it would not lie down in wait of the next Goblin King assault, but they would rather go seek out the threat themselves because what could go wrong…

The party’s search for any other goblins was rewarded with fresh goblinoid tracks in the forest surrounding the keep, and the group decided to follow the tracks deeper into the forest. Less than a day’s travel later, the companions were upon the group of goblins and single hobgoblin leader, and they deliberated at what the best course of action would be next. The dwarven artificer, Tywin, suggested a plan involving his magical machinations to sway the goblins to their side considering their outnumbered position. Spray and Ari, approached the goblins with the intent to take over leadership of this goblin gang, but the hobgoblin in charge challenged their true intentions. With the cast of a die, however, the barbarian and ranger were able to convince the goblin subordinates to revolt against the tyranny of this hobgoblin, but the flame for freedom shortly died out as the hobgoblin slew all of the rabble at the cost of several mortal blows to himself.

Seeking to capitalize on the situation, the dragonborn cleric, Quibli, proceeded to put the hobgoblin to sleep, tied him up, and brought him back for interrogation at Dope’s Hope! What opportunities does this loyal follower provide to our compatriots in their quest to vanquish the goblin king? Only the dice gods know…

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