Rime of the Frostmaiden: Small Group, Large Deeds

Dear Readers, this week, only three of my players were able to make our Sunday Adventurers League game. As such, this session was much more role-play centered than combat centered.

When we last left off, our heroes were in a lost spire of Netheril, broken off from the floating city of Ythryn when it crashed to Toril all those centuries past.

Seeing that their only path forward was down (up?) a hole in the floor (ceiling?). Going down they found themselves in a large room with mutiple doors. The first door they tried led to another collapsed stairwell. The next door led to a room holding a ghast and…Dzaan? The party was confused as they had seen this man executed by burning at the stake in Easthaven!

Upon closer examination and conversation, this person was actually a simulacrum of the infamous wizard. The party was unsure of whether to trust this being or not. This goes especially for when it found out that there is a chamber that turns illusionary things into real things, with the hope that he can turn himself from a simulacrum into a real person. The only thing needed was the spark of a real living person in order to create the life from the illusion.

The party was extremely suspicious of his motives as well as his intentions, considering the “real” Dzaan had been executed for killing a group of adventurers that had helped him find this spire. Accordingly, the barbarian/paladin expressed that he was, in no uncertain terms, going to help this simulacrum accomplish his goals.

The cleric, however, was willing, so the party went down (up?) further into the spire, to find the chamber in question.

It was here the barbarian/paladin ran into the denizen of that level, a basilisk! The barbarian/paladin and the rogue/fighter made short work of the beast.

Before the last step, the party asked Dzaan’s simulacrum what he intended to do if this was successful. His response was to get a new spellbook, some supplies, and continue trying to find Ythryn.

The cleric advanced forward with the simulacrum, providing the spark by touching him during the process. In the end, the process appeared to work!

Deciding that there was nothing else for them to do, they headed out to deal with the gnoll threat that had been plaguing Caer Konig (although that town was destroyed in the chardalyn dragon attack).

It was difficult to track down the lair without the aid of their trusty ranger, but the party managed.

Senior entrance, the party headed down below to face the looming threat. Only… When they finally came across the brutes… They didn’t attack. They just saw the party looked towards further into the lair, and went back to their activity.


Heading to where the gnolls were looking, The party found a particularly nasty one that they handily defeated. Hearing his death throes, All of the others rushed past the party to devour its remains. The gnome, seeing an easy solution to their problem, let loose a fireball in the room, ending the threat. They collected the treasure, which included a magical fishing hook that, when placed in a 10′ cube of water, could pull out a magical fish that would have certain properties or have some other effect.

Easily enough solved.

Looking at their options, the party headed back to Bremen so that they could rest and resupply and figure out their next move. With Dzaan telling them that the White Codicil likely lay on Auril’s Island, the party looked for a means of transport, hearing rumors of a whale at Angujuk’s Bell that talks and can provide transportation!

The party headed towards this location, finding a strange rock formation, with a dock and a bell, as well as a large hole in the ice. The party rang the bell only to be attacked by three large vultures. They were absolutely no match for the party’s onslaught, and fell quickly enough. Soon enough, the whale came, with a strange boat attached to its back!

Parlaying with the whale, they managed to trade passage to Auril’s Abode for a magical fish caught via their new magical fishing hook. After fishing for some time, the party brought up a fish that sprouted wings and began, singing in Aquan, a beautiful song.

The party threw the fish to the whale, who promptly ate it. A magical fish is a magical fish, after all.

Having secured transportation to Auril’s Abode, the party prepared for departure…

Will a party find the Codicil? Well they survived the encounter on Auril’s Abode? What will they find there?

Join us next week to find out!

Until next time, Dear Readers…

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