Where to Put Things

Dear Readers, I am not an organized person. I have to leave clutter around here and there, and my desk is barely usable.

So when I decided to organize my miniature painting and modeling supplies, I want you to understand how excited my wife was. My wife is the organizing and storage lover in our relationship.

Up until recently I had a box marked as my miniature painting supplies.

Sad, isn’t it?

And here’s where my modeling tools were…

Yeah. I know. And you cannot believe the pain in the backside it was to pull everything out, try to get everything cramped back in, etc…

So what did my wife do? She helped me look for storage boxes. Knowing that I had new paints on the way, no less than 20 new droppers, I needed a solution, and I needed it fast.

What we settled on was a toolbox. So we headed to Lowe’s. while looking around the toolbox section, one of the associates approached and asked if he could help. We described the situation we were in and what we wanted and he had an opened box toolbox. What he pulled out was nothing short of amazing.

Behold! In all its glory! The daily DMs new miniature painting and modeling box!

No, seriously. This thing is amazing. First off, you can see that it’s lockable. Great for when I’m at the local store and need to step away but don’t want people taking my stuff.

Secondly, the upper storage area is nothing short of huge.

As you can see, I have my Delco locker my enamel thinner and brush cleaner, all of my brushes, my little jar of half done projects my two dice cases that I used to hold newly painted minis when I’m showing them off, an entire role of paper towels my project rag, my nail polish remover, toothpicks, etc… It. Holds. Everything. And I know for a fact that I could put more in there. in fact, I had an extra pallet that I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with but I just put in there as I’m writing this.

Now to the drawers. The first store is where I actually keep my paints and shaders.

It literally holds every paint I own to include the few Citadel paints that I own. The better part is, if you look on the far right bottom, that there’s enough space to put a whole new row of paints on top. They would stack two high. I could easily fit another 32-36 droppers worth of paint in here, at least.

Next is my wet palette and details drawer.

As you can see, my wet palette on the right, the extra hydrofoam and hydro sheets, and my detail terrain and grass tufts.

Lastly is my modeling drawer.

This is all of my stuff for modeling. Files, sanders, tweezers, glue, hand drills, clippers, knives, pliers, etc…

Due to the metal and mostly Sharp nature of most of these objects, I put down a layer of paper towel to protect the drawer. I don’t have foam inserts for it so this is the best I could do.

So, what do you think? As the saying goes rate my setup!

Let me know in the comments section below.

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Until next time, Dear Readers…

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