Product Review: Army Painter Wet Palette

Today, Dear Readers, I am doing something a little different. Today I am doing a product review for the Army Painter brand wet palette. As I am a frequent fan of their brand of miniature painting, sculpting, and terrain products, I thought it was time for me to actually tell you about what I think of their individual products. As I was recently introduced to the art and science of the wet palette and having just recently purchased the Army Painter brand one, I figured I would do an unboxing (I’ll do a separate product review post once I’ve gotten a chance to use it)!

Here it goes…

First we have the unboxing. Here’s what I pulled out of the box:

As you can see, it comes with both a miniature painting and assembly guide (they are really great at providing beginner instructions!), as well as the wet palette itself, and the pack of other things.

Let’s check out the wet palette:

First we have an elastic band to help hold the wet palette together. As I soon learned, the palette came in three parts:

After removing the lid (which I would like to add seems like a very sturdy plastic; all the better to preserve the contents!), I was met with a paintbrush holder. I’ve discussed the paintbrushes I use, but I do own a single Army Painter brush that would fit nicely in here. Unfortunately, as I already have a good holder for my brushes, I won’t likely be using this any time soon. Once my current set of brushes need to be replaced, I’ll likely be replacing them with the Army Painter brand sets (of note, the one I have is their Psycho detail brush; I’ll be reviewing their brushes later when I get some more of their detail brushes).

Taking off the next layer, we find the tray for the wet palette itself.

Not much to say here. It looks like it will do the job.

Next let’s look at the contents of the plastic package:

The front.
The rear.

As you can see, there seems to be some instructions contained inside. Let’s take a look!

It looks like it contains a “How to Use a Wet Palette” guide, a guide on using paints, a warranty card of sorts, the hydro-foam mats (x2), and a stack of 50 hydro sheets, and a product catalogue. Let’s take a look at the guides for using the wet palette and paint/brush care.

In my opinion, the instructions seem clear and concise, with appropriate warnings about lack of water tightness. Additionally, it’s nice to have the reminder of brush care, with something I can pass on to new or younger miniature painters.

The last thing in the box was this, probably the most important object in the box:

I have had to use this only twice, and I cannot describe to you how amazing they are with this.

  1. I had a cracked tip on one of my paint droppers. They sent me a whole small bag of paint tips. Holy smokes! All they asked for was a picture of the cracked tip.
  2. My gaming ruler thumb-stop broke out of nowhere while using it normally. I sent them a picture and offered to send it back. They said that was not needed and sent me out a brand new measuring tape!

Their willingness and awesomeness in standing by their brand is beyond anything I have ever seen from any company in my 39 years, and is why I will keep going back to them time and time again.

Well, Dear Readers, what did you think? I’m, frankly, excited about using it, and will be doing just that when I work on the mini for our giveaway winner!

Until next time, Dear Readers…

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