Tuesday Game: A Player’s Perspective – Delving Into Shadowhold

Dear Readers, this post is brought to you by our guest poster (and player at my Tuesday Group), Brandon. I hope you enjoy this post as much as I did!

The group found itself gather round the The Three Wolves Head Tavern and Inn licking their wounds after their most recent encounter that cost them a companion. While looking for their courage at the bottom of a mug, destiny decided to present our battered adventures with an opportunity.

A humble woman named Veldspin, dressed in priestess garbs of Lothander, beseeched the adventures to accompany her on a quest to retrieve her father’s sword from the town of Shadowhold to unite her lands. Shadowhold is a town known to historians as a cursed place after the twisted experiments the dark warlock Dhreda Bazmad, and the priestess revealed that her father was part of paladin cohort that sought to vanquish the warlock. She further divulged that after the warlock vanished into the Riven, her father had returned without saying a word about what happened at Shadowhold or his sword.

Seeking to turn the fortunes around, the group took on the priestess’s request and headed several days to the abandoned town of Shadowhold. The influence left by the warlock were apparent in the supposedly deserted town, as destruction and rot were evident in the buildings and waterways nearby. Portals connected to the Riven were scattered amongst the burned out buildings and eerie silence gripping the streets.

Art taken from https://www.deviantart.com/artofreza/art/Abandoned-village-views-01-528546969

No sooner had the group entered into the town, then they were assailed by unholy aberrations and crazed scavengers looking to take down unwary travelers. Unfortunately for these enemies, the group was on a call for redemption, and they struck their foes down one after the other in a myriad display of bladework and magical retribution. After felling the last foe, the group found themselves alone again in this deserted town, and nowhere closer to finding the quested sword.

Art taken from https://www.deviantart.com/devburmak/art/Frostgrave-cultists-2-587023740

As if called by destiny, the priestess inquired down a long alleyway that opened up to a plaza with a statue of demon and magical rift connected to the Riven and shoved into the statue was the sword. The air surrounding the statue reeked of evil, so the group advised the priestess to wait while they ensure no stone was unturned. With due haste, the group searched the remaining buildings that included the town clock tower. Led by the artificer, the group was able to find a locked safe that revealed, with some magical motivation, a trove of supplies and treasure that included a Bag of Lodging!

The group returned to the demonic statue with the priestess staring keenly after the object of her desire, and with few options left available, the Warforged companion volunteered to pull the sword out from the statue. The group waited with bated breath as their mechanical friend pulled the sword from the statue, and no sooner had he touched it, then four gruesome and dark specters rose from the ground yelling “DREHDA!” and seeking to bring doom to our companions.

What will come of this encounter? Will the sword be pulled from the stone? What other secrets is this town hiding? All will be revealed when the die is cast…

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