Painting Update: Fighting Laziness and New Projects

So, here’s some of the projects I have worked on since the Space Marine, using the new techniques for drybrushing that I have learned.

Behold! Manshoon!

I know…it’s kinda pixelated, but I had to work with what I got!

As you can see, the drybrushing/highlighting and shading techniques I learned turned out very well, I think.

Next, we have Artemis Entreri…Gah, I shouldn’t have started this mini. I am so not motivated or ready to paint him, but I added another base coat to get his darker brown areas painted.

Next, we have the project for the winner of our 25 subscriber mark giveaway!

Here you can see, by her shoulder, that I had to fill in an imperfection with green stuff. I thought it turned out okay.

As you can see, I’m going with a green motif for her outfit, making her a forest-y ranger. I’m thinking brighter colors with dark accents.

Let me know in the comment section if you have a better idea!

My last project…by request, is this beauty (gah, I sound like Steve Irwin!):

Apparently, Dear Readers, my post did not save correctly and the end of the post was cut off. Here’s the rest…

So this is my current project list. I’ll also be attempting to shade, drybrush, and thereby finish the tiefling warlock, and I’ll post that up as well. Frankly, I recently saw that I messed up some parts so I’ll be fixing those up first.

As Always:

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Until next time, Dear Readers…

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