Rime of the Frostmaiden: Quick Update To Catch Up

Dear Readers, I know I’ve gotten more than a bit…behind in my writing for my Sunday adventures. This is why I am not going to be doing a detailed summary, but more of an overview, to catch us up, and resume doing more detailed summaries this coming Monday.

In the event that you would like a more detailed account of a section, please feel free to message me or comment below and I’ll fill in any blanks you wish to know about.

With no further ado…

When last we left off our heroes, they were traveling to the Black Cabin, where their Brynn Shander acquaintance, a gnomish priest of Lathander, had requested that they take a bundle of supplies to a friend of his.

Upon reaching the cabin, it was immediately clear that something was very wrong. The cabin was derelict and seemed to be empty, and Macreadus, the gnome they were sent to find, was nowhere to be found. The only thing they did find, was a strange object with notes about it.

Whenever someone picked it up, it began to glow brighter and brighter. From the notes, it seemed that it was something being designed to stop the eternal winter. A horrible accident involving the death/destruction of the gnome of the party who held it for a moment too long.

That said, the party quickly figured out the problem and was able to restore their companion and were blessed by Aumantur, giving them an extra 10 temporary hp each day at dawn.

After that, the party headed out towards the pirate ship, far to the northwest.

This was…interesting. Long story short, they found part of a dragon’s horde, met the dragon, almost lost two party members as they got breathed on by an ancient white dragon with cataracts, which flew off in search of those that plundered its horde. The party withdrew and headed, via an indirect route, to Brynn Shander, where they found a ring of giant-sized thrones upon a hill. Deciding to finish their travel to Brynn Shander and resupply, the party headed out. While at Brynn Shander, the party encountered a druid that offered to lead them after telling them the legend behind the ring of thrones.  The legend, she said, was that of the full moon, the spirit of the jarls would appear to test whomever stood before them.

Taking her with them, they headed out to the Jarl Moot, as it was known. After defeating the two battle challenges the spectral form of the Jarl of Jarls had for the party, he disappeared and his throne began to rise, showing a set of stairs descending into the darkness. It was at this point, the druid showed her colors, and with the help of a winter wolf, attacked the party. After dispatching them, the party headed below, where they solved the puzzles and got the treasures left by the jarls.

After this, the party headed south, to where the wizard had gotten the psychic “ping” via the strange stone retrieved from inside the mines.

It led to a crashed Nautiloid, a spelljamming ship, piloted by two gnome ceramorphs, the product of a gnome infected by a mind flayer tadpole.

In exchange for the stone, the ceramorphs exchanged two of their strange weapons, energy pistols!

Heading back to town to resupply, the party heard rumors of a goblin having come in under a flag of truce with an offer of peace from a goblin stronghold to the southwest. The town sheriff did not believe the intentions of the offer, instead offering 300 gold for the leader’s head. After speaking with the town speaker, the party was given leave to take the captive goblin and investigate the veracity of the peace offer.

Travelling across the tundra and up the mountains to the southwest, the party came across Karkolohk, the goblin fortress. The party was introduced to the leader, one Yarb-Gnock.

As you can see, and the party could figure out, the goblin chief was actually a gnome who had survived the slaughter of his companions, created a goblin costume, used his illusory magic inherent for gnomes, and eventually rose to chieftain of the tribe. He taught them to build and to survive the tundra, but needed supplies to continue to thrive.

His proposal was thus: the goblins would patrol the road and wastes as well as refrain from attacking supply wagons, and the town would provide clothes and goats for them to survive.

The party believed this would be reasonable, and took the new copy of the peace treaty and headed back to town. Before leaving, the party was confronted by the village healer/shaman, who explained that she knows the truth about the chieftain, and, instead of outing him, demanded to be the goblin envoy to the town of Brynn Shander. The party readily agreed, and headed back to town.

Where will the party head next? Will they ever deal with the looming threat of a chardalyn dragon being forged by a crazed duergar warlord?

Until next time, Dear Readers…

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