Future Plans For The Blog

Hello, Dear Readers!

Tonight I wanted to share some future plans that I have for The Blog, some of which I discussed in brief yesterday.


The first is a partnership with the Arryn Gaming Community on Discord (known as just Arryn by the server members).

Arryn is a gaming community dedicated to RPGs, with a special emphasis on D&D. The membership is global and is a wonderful, if colorful, group of folks. The server is very well moderated and I cannot recommend them enough.

The owner of Arryn, known as Gobfish (or just Gob) and I have partnered together to provide an information source for the players and Dungeon Masters we love, and a forum for Discord play for all of us.

YouTube Series (as in, more than one)

I’m starting a YouTube series called “Miniature Painting for Amateurs.” It will be exactly as it sounds. I’ve written some about painting miniatures (the How-To Paint Miniatures series), but I wanted to actually go through step-by-step.

As I have said, I am not, by any standard, a professional miniature painter, but I do enjoy the hobby. And I want to share that hobby with as many people as possible.

The next series I want to do is “How-To DND Beyond.”

dndbeyond.com is easily THE best D&D gaming tool available, and I am a huge supporter of them and their work. Add to this that their entire staff are awesome and are constantly working to make their product better and better.

That said, for someone new to the platform, the sheer volume of tools and resources can be daunting. The folks at dndbeyond.com work very hard to make their site as intuitive and user friendly as possible, but I feel that a walkthrough of some of the tools and features would be helpful. Thus my plans for “How-To DnD Beyond.”

Lastly, although the website has tons of links to various videos on the features, I had to do a TON of digging and experimenting with Roll20.net to figure out how to use it as a DM. Like…a TON.

Therefore, while the tutorial is a thing built in to Roll20.net, I fully intend on making some videos, in plain English, called, you guessed it, “How-To Roll20.”

Other Projects

I have some other projects in mind as well, but as they are still in their infancy, I don’t want to get ahead of myself. One of these includes a podcast of our Sunday and/or Tuesday game groups.

I have some others, but they are highly dependent upon certain things to go through, but I will keep you all updated as they come down.

All that said…

I still plan on delivering the same or better quality of content you have come to expect from me.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments, Dear Readers…

Until next time…

Quick Reminder:

We are still doing our giveaway, sponsored by the Arryn Gaming Community!

For every 25 subscribers, I will select a random subscriber to receive a random painted miniature by myself! For every 100 subscribers, I will select a random subscriber to receive a free t-shirt from our Patreon store! If we hit 1000 subscribers, I will select a random subscriber to get a free item of their choosing from the store and a painted miniature from the WizKids Nolzur line of D&D miniatures! If we hit a whopping 10000 subscribers (!!!), I will select a random subscriber to receive a gift of the benefits of my highest tier of Patreon awards.

Lastly, I want to thank those of you who have donated to my cause here, and every penny I receive goes right into making The Blog a better product. If you feel like I am delivering great content, please consider helping support us (see Support Us above!).

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